Moto G6 Forge Review: A Nearly Perfect Budget Smartphone

What does the Moto G6 Forge have to offer? Take a look at this Moto G6 Forge review to get answers to your questions concerning the smartphone.

Moto G6 Forge Review
Itechguides' Take on Moto G6 Forge


The Moto G6 Forge is a cool budget smartphone. For less than $100, you get a solid build, nice looking design, fast charge, and other impressive features. However, it also has shortcomings like every other smartphone.



  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Excellent design for its price
  • Solid features
  • Great audio


  • Slow camera
  • It is not waterproof

This review will highlight how Motorola has followed up with its previous Moto G5 Plus smartphone. More importantly, this review contains all you need to know about the Moto G6 Forge’s design, display, camera, battery, security features & sensors, and storage.

Finally, you will get an expert’s opinion on whether the Moto G6 Forge is an ideal option for you.

My Initial Thoughts

Moto G6 Forge Review: My Initial Thoughts

Over the years, Motorola’s G series hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down. Its success at bringing some high-end smartphone features into budget smartphones is one of its highly commendable feats.

Motorola hasn’t wasted the opportunity of showing off this feat in its Moto G6 Forge smartphone. A quick glance at the Moto G6 Forge is all you need to develop a keen interest in it.

Furthermore, a deeper dive into its specs and features will leave you with admiration for the smartphone. Aside from little shortcomings, the Moto G6 Forge is almost too good to be true.

Moto G6 Forge Design, Dimension & Weight Review

The Moto G6 Forge has a stylish appearance. Its design has been greatly improved over its previous Moto G5 model.

Motorola utilized a perfectly balanced blend of aluminum and glass for the construction of the Moto G6 Forge. A glaring depiction of this blend is its Gorilla glass panel and its aluminum frame.

Furthermore, this smartphone’s body build has a glossy sheen that adds to its beauty. However, this glossy back covering picks up fingerprints very easily.

Aside from its fingerprint retention, the construction of this smartphone gives off a premium feel that reassures you of its durability. Moreover, the neatly curved form of this smartphone makes it comfortable to hold – The Moto G6 Forge’s curvature is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

One of the Moto G6 Forge’s attributes that makes it more comfortable to hold is its aspect ratio. Its 18:9 aspect ratio makes it feel like a remarkable upgrade over the previously released Moto G5 Plus.

Speaking of dimensions, the Moto G6 Forge measures 155.4 x 72.2 x 9.1 mm and weighs 180 g. Despite its large display, the Moto G6 Forge is still easy to use with one hand.

Below the display, you’ll find a fingerprint reader that can be used for navigation instead of the on-screen keys. Both the speaker and earpiece are positioned above the smartphone’s display.

Furthermore, the charging port and headphone jack are situated next to each other at the bottom of the device. Meanwhile, the top houses the SIM/SD Card slot.

In addition, the right side of the Moto G6 Forge features a volume rocker and a power button.

The design of the back of this device is a typical Motorola design. The camera bump on the back houses a dual camera and a LED flash that are arranged in a way that forms an emoji face.

Overall, the design and build quality of the Moto G6 Forge is excellent for a budget smartphone. Hence, the Moto G6 Forge scores an eight in this review.

Moto G6 Forge Display Features Review

Moto G6 Forge Display Features Review

The Moto G6 Forge features a 5.7 IPS display. This display has an HD+ resolution of 1440 x 720.

At 424 pixels per inch (ppi), contents viewed on the display look sharp. Even the black-colored images were deep enough for an IPS screen.

Furthermore, the maximum brightness of this display is fair enough. The IPS display is capable of reading 400 nits to 520 nits in bright conditions.

Moreover, the legibility of contents on the screen under sunlight is incredible. Although, it’s not as good as the G6 Plus’s display.

A feature worth noting is its Moto display feature that shows you the time and new notifications when the phone detects your hand while in standby mode – serves as a notification led.

Overall, the Moto G6 Forge’s display is impressive for its price point. Hence, it scores an eight in this review.

Moto G6 Forge Camera Features Review

Motorola equipped Moto G6 Forge with a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The rear camera has an f/2.0 aperture.

Unsurprisingly, you should not expect to get outstanding shots from the Moto G6 Forge. Although, it delivers photos that are good enough to make it stand its ground amongst similarly priced phones.

Pictures taken with the Moto G6 Forge – using its auto-mode feature – were of high quality. However, you will need to keep your hand steady when taking pictures because the camera is a bit slow at capturing images.

In addition, the Moto G6 Forge takes better pictures in well-lit environments since it is able to find its focus quickly in bright environments. However, the Moto G6 Forge doesn’t find its focus in dark environments as quickly as it does in bright places.

Hence, the quality of pictures taken in low-lit environments is mostly out of focus. Nonetheless, the Moto G6 Forge scores a seven in this review for its slightly above-average camera quality.

Moto G6 Forge Battery Life and Talk Time Review

Moto G6 Forge Battery Life and Talk Time Review

Motorola equipped the Moto G6 Forge with a 4000 mAh battery. This is one of the areas this smartphone shines.

The Moto G6 Forge surprisingly ran through a 12-hour battery test. It lasted longer than the G6 that lasted 9 hours 46 minutes.

On a single charge, the Moto G6 Forge can last through a day’s activities. Even watching videos on the Moto G6 Forge doesn’t drain its battery excessively.

Moreover, the Motorola TurboPower technology enables the device to charge quickly when your battery runs out. So, if you are planning to use this device for battery-intensive tasks, you will be satisfied with the smartphone’s battery life.

Hence, the Moto G6 Forge scores a seven in this review.

Moto G6 Forge Storage Options & Performance Review

The Moto G6 Forge comes with either 16 GB or 32 GB internal storage. This review focuses on the 32 GB internal storage.

For a budget smartphone, it’s nice to know it doesn’t only offer 16 GB internal storage space like most budget smartphones. Its 32 GB storage capacity option will be very appealing to modern-day smartphone users.

Even better, Motorola allows you to expand the storage with an SD card. You can expand your storage with up to 128 GB SD cards.

Expanding your storage will give you more space to store your files, music, pictures, and documents.

In this storage review, the Moto G6 Forge scores an eight for its good storage option.

Moto G6 Forge Security Features & Sensors Review

Moto G6 Forge Security Features & Sensors Review

The non-stop technological advancements have had their impact in several sectors. The mobile industry is no exception.

Modern technology has brought about the production of smartphones with the necessary sensors to improve user experience. Like most smartphones, the Moto G6 Forge is also equipped with sensors.

The Moto G6 Forge comes with an accelerometer that helps to detect the orientation of the phone. Hence, switching your phone automatically to the correct orientation.

Its sensors also include a proximity sensor that detects how close the phone is to an external object, such as the ear. In addition to that, the Moto G6 Forge is also equipped with Ambient Light and Gyroscope.

For security, the Moto G6 Forge features a fingerprint sensor that can also be used for navigation. Overall, the Moto G6 Forge scores an eight in this review for its good selection of sensors and security features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Moto G6 Forge Have NFC?

No. The Moto G6 Forge doesnt have NFC support.

2. Does Moto G6 Forge Have Gorilla Glass?

Yes, it does. The Moto G6 Forge has Gorilla Glass coating.

3. How Old Is The Moto G6 Forge?

At the time of writing this article, the Moto G6 Forge is 3 years old since it was released in 2018.

4. Is Moto G6 Forge Worth Buying?

Yes, it is. The Moto G6 Forge is one of those few budget smartphones that offers enough value for its price. It delivers everything you need in a budget smartphone and even more.

5. Does Moto G6 Forge Have Wireless Charging?

No, it doesn’t. But the Moto G6 Forge has a 10W fast charging feature.

My Final Thoughts

Moto G6 Forge Review: My Final Thoughts

The Moto G6 Forge is one of the few budget smartphones that strives to deliver a high-end feel and performance at an affordable cost. It does a good job of balancing price and performance.

If you are looking for a smartphone that can give you a feel of the high-end smartphone, then you should consider the Moto G6 Forge.

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