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About Www.itechguides.com

www.itechguides.com publishes tech guides about Windows, PowerShell, Amazon, Social Media, Emails & Productivity, and Smartphones. We also have Buying Guides and Reviews.

Our guides are divided into 2 major categories: “How To” guides and “Fix It” guides. “How To” guides teach you how to get things done while “Fix It” guides help you fix broken stuff.

Each guide is carefully written to make it easy to understand. To further make it easy to understand our guides, every step comes with a relevant screenshot with a clear explanation of where to tap or click. We really are deliberate about helping you make the best of your tech world!

As I mentioned earlier, we also have buying guides. Our buying guides are divided into 2 categories: Gadget buying guides and Gift ideas. Each guide provides simplified easy-to-understand information to help you make a buying decision.

Although some of our buying guides and gift ideas may contain affiliate links, we go to great lengths to give you unbiased content, focused on providing you information to help you make an informed buying decision.

Finally, www.itechguides.com also has reviews. We have reviews in Apps & Software, Movies, and Music, Video Games, and Websites. Our reviews help you decide on the App or software to purchase, or the latest movies to see on Netflix or Amazon Video. We also help you decide the best music to listen to.

About the Founder and Managing Editor

Victor Ashiedu is the founder and the Managing Editor of www.itechguides.com. Before he started www.itechguides.com, Victor worked in the IT industry for close to 20 years.

He worked mainly on Microsoft technologies, including but not limited to Windows Servers, Desktop Operating Systems, PowerShell, Office 365, and more.

Having worked on technology all his career, Victor now focuses on making tech easier for others – this is the focus of www.itechguides.com!

To learn more about Victor, view his Profile on www.itechguides.com. You may also Visit Victor’s Author page on Amazon.com.