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About Itechguides

Technology is great. It makes life easy for all of us.

But, getting it to work can sometimes be a tiny bit challenging! And even when we get it working, it breaks, sometimes!

All these can be challenging and that is where Itechguides.com comes in. We’re here to make tech easier and much fun for our readers.

To achieve this, we craft content that translates complex tech into simple, easy-to-understand everyday language.

Whether it is writing how-to guides, product reviews, or explaining a piece of technology, we avoid using jagons. Also, as important is our put-yourself-in-our-reader’s shoe approach to writing.

By putting ourselves in our readers’ shoes, we focus on answering the readers’ questions. This is largely driven by performing extensive user-intent research.

Beyond research, we also have a team of experienced writers, personally trained by our founder, Victor Ashiedu.

Launched in 2019, Itechguides.com has been delivering great content for our readers and we’re here to stay!

Meet the Team

Led by Victor, we have a team of experienced writers who have been with us since 2019. If you’ve been doing something for this long, you learn a thing or two.

So, these guys know how to craft great content that fulfills our mission – translate complex tech into simple, easy-to-understand everyday language.

Let’s meet them.

Victor Ashiedu avatar

Victor Ashiedu

Founder & Managing Editor

Victor worked on Windows 95, and NT (New Technology!). Then, the only way to connect to the internet was via dial-up! He knows Microsoft Windows like the back of his hands. So, it was a natural progression to start a tech blog. Since 2019, Victor has written thousands of articles that have helped his readers make the best of tech. He also trains the team on tech and tech writing himself.

Oluwaseun Bamisile avatar

Oluwaseun Bamisile

Lead Content Editor

Seun started writing for Itehcguides.com in 2021. His knack for tech made him move quickly to become the Lead Content Editor. Seun knows how to translate complex tech topics into easy-to-understand step-by-step guides. He has an excellent grasp of technology so when he writes tech explainers, it is easy to read and understand.

Timileyin Olanrewaju avatar

Timileyin Olanrewaju

Senior Technology Content Writer

When Timileyin joined us as a Trainee Content writer in late 2019, he didn’t think we would make a career of Tech content writing. He is still here and has now become an experienced technology content writer. Timileyin has written product reviews, tech explainers, and how-to guides.

Itechguides has other experienced writers who have contributed and still contributing to our platform. Our articles have an author bio at the bottom so you can learn more about the author.

Why Trust Itechguides?

Behind Itechguides is a team of experienced technology writers who are passionate about what they do. Beyond passion, we have a set of strict guidelines that ensure we deliver reliable content to our readers.

To provide a consistent experience, as well as quality and reliable information to our readers we have a Content Writing Policy. This policy sets out guidelines our writers follow to research and deliver content.

When a writer finishes writing a piece, it is submitted for review. Our Lead Content Editor scrutinizes the content against our Content Writing Policy to ensure it meets the requirements.

Still, in the spirit of consistency, we developed a Content Review Policy that outlines the steps the Lead Content Editor follows. The Editor will only publish the article if it ticks all the boxes in the guidelines.

Finally, we have a strict Anti-Plagiarism Policy which ensures we write original and reliable content for you, our reader.

The Company

Itechguides.com is run by InfoPress Media, a UK business that operates as a Sole Trader. We are not operating as a Limited Liability business at this stage because it is not necessary.

Although we have registered a limited liability company called “InfoPress Media” at the moment, we’re not trading under that company until such a time we deem it necessary.

You may be wondering why we’re providing this level of detail.

To trust what you read, you need to know the company and people behind the content.

We’re a small team of writers and running as a Sole Trader removes the complexities of managing a Limited Liability company, which gives us time to focus on what we do – crafting exceptional content!


InforPress Media is a private business solely funded by the founder and owner, Victor Ashiedu. Our primary source of income is advertising.

Our ads platform is provided and managed by Raptive (formally known as AdThrive). We do not have any direct relationship with companies that advertise on our blogs, including Itechguides.com.

Allowing a third party to manage the relationship with advertisers ensures we maintain our editorial independence.

Our FAQs Have Moved

If you’re a regular at Itechguides.com, you know that most of our articles have an FAQ section. We recently launched a technology blog (ItechFAQs.com) dedicated to frequently asked questions.

To make it easy for our readers to access these FAQs and to provide consistency, we are moving the FAQ sections of our articles to ItechFAQs.com.

So, if you’re interested in getting quick answers to tech questions on specific topics, you can find the answers you need in our dedicated tech FAQ blog, ItechFAQs.com!

We are moving the FAQs gradually and it may take a while for us to move all of them to the new blog.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

UK Address:
InfoPress Media
Bartle House
9, Oxford Court
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Phone: +44 161 818 2914