Microsoft Excel Explained

what is Excel

This Itechguide explains Excel (Microsoft Excel). The guide starts with a detailed explanation of Excel. Then, it explains some of its features. What is Excel? Microsoft Excel (part of Microsoft Office Suite) is a spreadsheet program for data analysis and manipulation. Excel allows you to create multiple worksheets. A combination of multiple worksheets is …

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what is hotmail

This Itechguide explains Hotmail (now It starts with a detailed but simplified explanation of this free email software from Microsoft. Then, the guide ends with its features. What is Hotmail ( It is a free email (webmail) tool provided by Microsoft. Microsoft acquired the email service in 1997 from its original developers – …

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Microsoft Office Explained

what is ms office

This Itechguide explains MS Office (Microsoft Office). It starts with a detailed but simplified explanation of this Microsoft productivity suite. Then, it lists all the products that are part of MS Office. What is MS Office? MS Office (Microsoft Office) is a suite of productivity software tools that help you get things done on …

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The Difference Between G Suite and Gmail Explained

what is the difference between g suite and gmail

This Itechguide explains the difference between G Suite and Gmail. The guide starts by explaining G Suite, including it features. Then, it explains Gmail and its key features. Finally, the guide compares G Suite and Gmail. What is G Suite? G Suite is a suite of productivity and collaboration tools for business – developed …

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Archive and Mute in Gmail Explained

what is archive in gmail

Archive in Gmail is a Gmail inbox “cleaning” and clutter management tool that allows you to move messages away from “Inbox” to “All Mail” label. This Itechguide explains Archive in Gmail, how it works and its features and benefits. The guide also explains the difference between “Archiving” and “Muting” a message. What is Archive …

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What is Dropbox and How Does it Work?

what is dropbox and how does it work

This Itechguide explains Dropbox, how it works and its features and benefits. What is Dropbox Dropbox is a cloud storage tool that you can use to store your files on a remote server (Dropbox server), and access and sync them (in real-time) on your PC or Mac. Saving your files on a remote cloud …

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Dropbox Smart Sync Explained

What is Dropbox Smart Sync - featured

This Itechguide explains Dropbox Smart Sync. The guide starts with a detailed explanation of this Dropbox technology. Then, it explains some terms related to this technology and compares Selective Sync with Smart Sync. What is Dropbox? Smart Sync is a Dropbox technology available on its desktop clients that allows you to manually or automatically …

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Microsoft Outlook Explained

what is Outlook

This Itechguide explains Outlook. The guide starts with a detailed explanation of Outlook. Then, it explains how Outlook has evolved, available options, and features. In the final sections, the guide explains how to get Outlook and compares it to Windows 10 Mail. What is Outlook? Outlook is an email software developed by Microsoft. Users …

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Email Cc and Bcc Explained

Email Cc and Bcc Explained

This Itechguide explains Cc in email. It also explains Bcc in email. The guide explains Cc and Bcc and when and how to use them. What is Cc in Email? Cc in email means “Carbon copy”. The idea came from the days before electronic email. In those days if you are writing on a …

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Hotmail Email ( Email): Your Definitive Guide

Hotmail email (

I suppose the first question on your mind is, “what happened to Hotmail email?” This is because when you open, you are re-directed to Why? So What Happened to Hotmail Email and Your Email? In 1997 Microsoft acquired Hotmail email. Since then it has undergone several rebranding. Finally, in 2013 Hotmail …

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