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This Itechguide offers a detailed but simplified explanation of the Facebook Lite App. It then lists and explains its features. Finally, it compares it with the standard Facebook app.

What is Facebook Lite App?

What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is a Facebook app that uses less data, disk space and works in all network conditions, including 2G networks!

The app is small (the Android app is just 1.5 MB), so it takes less space on your phone. This makes it suitable for low-end phones – including phones with limited storage.

However, the Facebook Lite has most of the features available in the full version. You can still share on your Timeline, react to posts (Like, comment and more), and find and connect with your friends. For more, see the the next section.

Features and Benefits of Facebook Lite

Features and Benefits of Facebook Lite

To further understand Facebook Lite app, this section lists and explains its features.

Has only the Main Features of Facebook

To keep the app light, this version supports only the essential Facebook features. Firstly, to make the app light, the app does not pre-load most features. It only loads a feature when you tap it.

Secondly, if you tap What’s on your mind?, you can only do the following:

  1. Share Photos/Videos
  2. Tag friends in a Post
  3. Add location to a post
  4. Post Feeling/Activity – how you are feeling right now, whether you are celebrating, etc
  5. You can also Ask for recommendation and
  6. Answer a question

For a full list of all the types of posts types available on Facebook Lite, see the screenshot below.

Features and Benefits of Facebook Lite - 1 - Has only the Main Features of Facebook

You can also perform the following actions on Facebook Lite:

  • Search for and connect with new friends
  • Add comments to posts and react to photos/videos
  • Follow or Unfollow people
  • Find local events, RSVP and arrange meets
  • Get notified when people interact with your posts
  • Access Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell stuff
  • Lookup local businesses and leave reviews

Facebook Lite Uses Less Disk Space and Data

Another feature and benefit of this Lite version of the Facebook app is that it uses less data. If you live in a country where data is expensive or not easily affordable, this version of Facebook will be very beneficial to you.

It also uses less space on your smartphone. As I mentioned in section 1 of this Itechguide, the app install size is about 1.5 MB (for android). This makes it suitable for low end smartphones.

Works on Slow Networks, Including 2G Networks

Another benefit of Facebook Lite is that it is designed to work on any type of network. It even works on 2G networks.

In addition to the size benefit of the app, its ability to work on all network types also makes it very suitable to use in countries with limited availability to mobile data.

Installs Fast and Loads Quickly

Finally, the Lite version of this giant social network’s app is very quick to install on your phone. It also loads items fast. When you tap any item on the app, it loads very quickly.

Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

This final section of this guide compares the Lite and main versions of the app. The table below summarizes the differences between the apps.

Compared FeaturesFacebook AppFacebook Lite App
Facebook FeaturesHas all the features of FacebookHas the basic Facebook features
InterfaceIncludes all icons available for FacebookOnly includes the basic icons to access the main features
Data and Disk UsageUses a lot of disk space and data Uses very limited mobile data and disk
Network RequirementsRequires fast mobile networks – latest fast mobile technology recommendedWorks on very slow mobile networks, including 2G
Installation and Load SpeedTakes a while to install and may take a short while to load some items when you tapInstalls very quickly and takes loads items very quickly when you tab

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