T-Mobile Revvl Plus Review: An Affordable Smartphone with Premium Specs

Are you looking for a big and affordable smartphone? Then you should take a look at this T-Mobile Revvl Plus review.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Review: An Affordable Smartphone With Premium Specs
Itechguides' Take on T-Mobile Revvl Plus


The T-Mobile Revvl Plus is a good smartphone with excellent features and good battery life. However, its build quality is not so great.



  • Bright display
  • Good performance
  • Long battery life


  • Inferior build quality
  • Weak speakers

This review will provide you with all the details about the T-Mobile Revvl Plus. In order to achieve this, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus’s design, display, camera, battery, security features & sensors, and storage will all be reviewed.

Finally, you will find out about this smartphone’s good and bad sides. Moreover, you will have enough knowledge about the T-Mobile Revvl Plus to make an informed purchasing decision. 

My Initial Thoughts

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Review: My Initial Thoughts

Within the span of one month, T-Mobile has released both the T-Mobile Revvl 2 and this T-Mobile Revvl Plus smartphone. T-Mobile has managed to increase the size of this smartphone and also equip it with better memory.

Moreover, it seems as though T-Mobile has packed some premium specs into this model in order to improve its performance. Even with the improved specs, T-Mobile still offers nearly the same price for the smartphone.

Some of the high-end features T-Mobile offers are the dual-lens camera and biometric identification. One question on one’s mind, however, would be if the T-Mobile Revvl Plus can measure up well with other similarly priced smartphones.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Design, Dimension & Weight Review

Nowadays, budget smartphones often come with high-end features like biometric verification, dual-lens camera, PRO camera features like autofocus, and more. T-Mobile has done well to follow this trend.

However, like other budget smartphones, cost-cutting measures were observed in the overall design and build quality of this device. The T-Mobile Revvl Plus looks just like a regular budget smartphone.

Aside from its larger display, it is built with plastic like most budget smartphones. The T-Mobile Revvl Plus’s large screen measures about 6.0-inches long.

Hence, it has a tall aspect ratio that makes it uncomfortable to use the device with one hand. In fact, this smartphone’s chunky top and bottom bezel doesn’t make it any easier to use the device one-handed.

Specifically, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus measures 164.8 x 82.3 x 8.6 mm and weighs 201 g.

Turn this device over to its back and you will be impressed by its textured shiny black covering. However, this plastic covering is not as impressive to the touch as it is to the eye.

Although the material used for the smartphone’s back covering design is attractive, it feels a bit weird to touch. Many might not find the tactile feel pleasant.

That aside, the styling of this smartphone’s back covering is quite interesting. You will notice the T-Mobile and Revvl branding at the top, and there’s also a dual-lens camera with a fingerprint sensor below it.

Both the camera and fingerprint sensor are surrounded by a shiny pink ring.

On top of the T-Mobile Revvl Plus’s display, you’ll find a headphone jack while there are dual speakers positioned at the bottom of the device. The left side houses just the hybrid SIM/microSD slot while the right side houses the power button and the volume rocker.

In conclusion, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus’s design and build are not so great. Its build feels a bit cheap when you compare it with some smartphones of its range like the Moto G7 Power.

Therefore, it scores a six in this design review.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Display Features Review

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Display Features Review

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus features a 6.0-inch IPS display. This display has an FHD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.

Obviously, this display contributes to the T-Mobile Revvl Plus’s larger footprint.

Additionally, this display is good enough for the price of the smartphone. Although it doesn’t offer an exceptional experience like more expensive phones, it delivers satisfactory vivid colors.

Moreover, this smartphone’s display is bright enough to be used in direct sunlight. The T-Mobile Revvl Plus offers a screen brightness of about 457 nits.

However, this display doesn’t have a protective coating. Hence, it can easily crack or get damaged in the event of an accidental drop.

Nonetheless, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus is on par in comparison with other smartphones of its price range. Therefore, it scores a seven in this display review.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Camera Features Review

Unlike the original Revvl that featured a lone rear camera, T-Mobile has upgraded this model with a dual-lens rear camera. These dual-camera arrays have 13 MP and 5 MP sensors.

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus also features an 8 MP front camera.

Both the rear and front cameras offer sharp captures. Pictures taken with the T-Mobile Revvl Plus cameras were vibrant and displayed excellent color accuracy.

However, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus loses background details a bit when shots are taken in dark environments. But the T-Mobile Revvl Plus still outshines the images produced by the Moto G7 Power.

Furthermore, the front camera also offers decent captures. It comes with some features that support its performance in selfie shots.

Overall, this smartphone’s camera is okay for regular image capturing. Hence, it scores a seven in this camera review.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Battery Life and Talk Time Review

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Battery Life and Talk Time Review

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus comes with a 3380 mAh non-removable battery.

T-Mobile promises an average battery life of 16 hours 30 minutes of talk time. However, it is not a new thing for manufactures to overestimate their device’s battery life.

But this smartphone’s battery life is quite impressive. On a battery test that involved continuous web surfing, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus lasted up to 11 hours 10 minutes.

In comparison, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus is not too far behind some of its rivals with larger batteries such as the ZTE Blade Z Max which lasted 11 hours 25 minutes. However, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus comfortably surpasses some smartphones in its range like the LG K20 Plus that lasted 9 hours 35 minutes.

Hence, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus scores an eight in this review for its good battery life.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Storage Options & Performance Review

In most cases, budget smartphones tend to offer just 16 GB of internal storage capacity. However, this is not the case with the T-Mobile Revvl Plus.

T-Mobile equipped the T-Mobile Revvl Plus with 32 GB of internal storage space.

In addition to this impressive storage capacity, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus also supports MicroSD card storage expansion. You can expand this smartphone’s storage up to 128 GB.

Even though some T-Mobile apps consume a little out of the 32 GB internal storage capacity, what is left for your storage is still sufficient.

As a result, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus scores an eight in this review for its good storage options.

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Security Features & Sensors Review

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Security Features & Sensors Review

Naturally, one would expect that the T-Mobile Revvl Plus comes with some sensors and security features. Fortunately, this T-Mobile budget smartphone doesn’t disappoint.

To offer some detail, the T-Mobile Revvl Plus features an accelerometer that helps to detect the orientation of the phone. Hence, switching your phone automatically to the correct orientation.

Furthermore, T-Mobile Revvl Plus features a light sensor that detects data about lighting levels in the environment to help the display adapt accordingly.

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus also comes with a proximity sensor that detects how close the phone is to an external object, such as the ear. This sensor helps to reduce display power consumption while you’re on a call by turning off the LCD backlight. 

Lastly, this smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that can enable device security, website authentication as well as mobile payment.

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus scores a seven in this review for its security feature and sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The T-Mobile Revvl Plus A Good Phone?

Taking a look at the T-Mobile Revvl Plus’s spec is enough to make you excited about the smartphone. It has great specs for a smartphone within the $200 price range. Apart from its design and build that feels cheap, this smartphone offers almost all that you will require from a budget smartphone.

2. Is The T-Mobile Revvl Plus Waterproof?

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus is not waterproof. It also doesn’t feel rigid or strong enough to withstand extreme conditions.

3. Does The T-Mobile Revvl Plus Have Wireless Charging?

No, it doesn’t. The T-Mobile Revvl Plus doesn’t support wireless charging.

4. Does The T-Mobile Revvl Plus Support Fast Charging?

The T-Mobile Revvl doesn’t support fast charging. However, the good news is that the smartphone’s battery life is excellent.

5. Which Processor Does The T-Mobile Revvl Plus Make Use Of?

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus is powered by Qualcomm 8953 Snapdragon 625 Octa-core processor that has a 2.0GHz speed.

My Final Thoughts

T-Mobile Revvl Plus Review: My Final Thoughts

The T-Mobile Revvl Plus is a nice smartphone with amazing specifications. It comes with some great features and specs for a smartphone that doesn’t cost more than $200.

However, its build quality is a constant reminder that it is a budget smartphone. Aside from its weak build quality, it offers enough value for a budget smartphone.

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