Apple Macbook Pro Review: When Performance Meets Value

Are you holding off before getting that new Apple MacBook Pro? I have written this Apple Macbook Pro review to guide you in making your decision.

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The Apple Macbook Pro is an excellent laptop that lives up to its value. Furthermore, it is a perfect laptop for digital creatives. However, it might be too much of a cost for people who just want to get a laptop for basic computing tasks.



  • Excellent overall performance
  • Good battery life
  • Pleasing design


  • Pricey

Above all, this review highlights the upgrades and improvements Apple has made. Also, you will get a full grasp of this laptop’s capabilities and performance.

Overall, I will paint you a definitive picture of what the Apple MacBook Pro is. If you have questions concerning the Apple MacBook Pro, you should read this.

My Initial Thoughts

Apple Macbook Pro Review: My Initial Thoughts

The Apple MacBook Pro is like a combination of only the best pre-existing features of the MacBook with newer upgrades. Its mixture of simplicity and essential substance gives off a sense of efficiency from the laptop.

Moreover, the Apple Macbook Pro indicates that Apple has paid attention to the endless wave of criticism lashed out toward the previous model. This new model is like an expensive atonement for the inadequacies of the previous one.

Apple has listened to what its customers wanted. The tremendous changes in the keyboard and the more immersive display are all notable improvements.

Apple Macbook Pro Design, Dimension & Weight Review

For the most part, the Apple MacBook Pro’s design is still the same as its predecessors. However, considering the changes in the features of this laptop, it is quite impressive that Apple has managed to maintain the integrity of its design.

However, this laptop is a bit big. Weighing 2000 g, it is a bit heavy with a dimension of 357.9 X 245.9 X 16.2.

In addition, this Apple MacBook Pro has not offered more ports than the ports in the previous model. It still has 4 Thunderbolts, 3 USB Type-C ports with charging, DisplayPort, and data transfer capabilities.

Furthermore, a lot of changes have been made to the keyboard to make it easier to type. It now uses the Scissor switch Instead of the butterfly switch.

In addition to that, the layout of the keyboard is different. The dedicated escape key is now separate from the Touch Bar – furthermore, the Touch ID is now on the right.

Also, you now have the Inverted T layout for the arrow keys. It’s a much better layout that enhances usability.

The Apple MacBook Pro design is excellent, especially with the new changes that enhance usability and performance. What’s even more interesting is that it was all done without changing the look of the laptop.

However, the port selection still isn’t versatile enough. An SD card slot would have been very nice.

Finally, in my Apple MacBook Pro design review, it scores an 8 for its pleasing design. All the corrections and improvements, like the awesome speakers and the perfect trackpad, got the laptop this score.

Apple Macbook Pro Processor (CPU) Performance Review

Apple Macbook Pro Processor (CPU) Performance Review

In this model, Apple offers different configurations in terms of processors. The Apple Macbook Pro offers a 2.6 GHz, 6-Core Intel i7 processor with a turbo boost of up to 4.5 GHz.

Also, it offers a 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with a turbo boost of up to 4.8. However, you can configure these processors to suit your choice.

The powerful Apple Macbook Pro processor makes it an absolute pleasure to work it. Moreover, it makes this laptop twice as fast as its previous models.

Furthermore, this Apple MacBook Pro is just great at handling whatever you throw at it. It is good at editing 4k videos, editing raw photos, making songs, editing Podcasts, and just any demanding task.

Moreover, the thermal efficiency of the Apple Macbook Pro is now 20% better. As a result, the laptop is able to maintain higher clock rates for much longer durations.

The Apple Macbook Pro is even more impressive when used for professional operations. It handles any program excellently.

Moreover, in the various benchmark tests, the Apple Macbook Pro performed remarkably well. It scores a 9 for its exceptional processing power.

Apple Macbook Pro Memory (RAM) Performance Review

Apple is equipped Macbook Pro with 16 GB of 2666 MHz DDR4 onboard memory. However, you can upgrade the RAM to 32 GB or 64 GB of memory.

The standard 16 GB onboard memory is more than enough for most applications. However, you can go for more memory if you plan to use the laptop for heavy tasks.

Moreover, the Apple Macbook Pro lives up to its name, “Pro.” Its RAM performance is one clear evidence of that.

To further make its “Pro” mark, Apple Macbook Pro can run professional applications without lagging or hanging. As a reference, most laptops I’ve used can barely run large programs simultaneously with Android studio (an IDE for the Android operating system).

However, Apple Macbook Pro did not have any issues running the Android studio simultaneously with other IDEs. It successfully ran about three more programs without stuttering at all.

Similarly, video editing on the Apple Macbook Pro was light work. It edited videos in Adobe Premiere Pro like it was carrying out a regular task.

In my Apple Macbook Pro memory review, it scores 9 for its excellent RAM performance.

Apple Macbook Pro Storage Options & Performance Review

Apple Macbook Pro Storage Options & Performance Review

The Apple Macbook Pro also has a range of configurations for storage. The 512GB SSD with a speed of 2.6GHz is configurable to 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, or 8TB SSD.

Also, you can upgrade the 1 TB SSD to 2 TB, 4 TB, or 8 TB SSD. However, note that a bigger SSD will considerably increase the price of the laptop.

Moreover, you get a 512 GB SSD in an Apple Macbook Pro base model for the first time.

Nonetheless, you get more value for your money than with previous models. The storage options are an excellent threat to the existence of external hard drives.

Although the Apple Macbook Pro is expensive, it is a reasonable expense, especially when you consider how fast this storage is at file transfer processing.

Finally, in this storage review, the Apple Macbook Pro scores a 9 for its excellent storage options and performance.

Apple Macbook Pro Graphics Card Performance Review

The GPU performance of this model is quite impressive. Like other hardware specifications on this machine, you can also configure the graphics card.

It offers an AMD Radion Pro 5300M with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching Intel UHD Graphics 630.

You may also get a Macbook Pro with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 4 GB of GDDR6 memory and automatic graphics switching Intel Graphics 630.

Thanks to these new AMD 5000 series of GPU, the Apple Macbook Pro graphics is outstanding.

Moreover, this laptop is the only laptop that Apple sells that have dedicated graphics cards. This graphics card excels at pro-level tasks like pro editing for faster rendering time.

However, it is a very reliable GPU if you want to use it for side gaming too. Games like PUBG and Fortnight play very smoothly at around 60FPS when on medium settings.

While you can play games on the Apple Macbook Pro, its graphics are more focused on creative uses. If you’re a video editor, a 3D designer, or a programmer, the graphics will be just perfect for you.

It scores a 9 in this graphics card performance review. It earns this score because of its excellent graphics.

Apple Macbook Pro Battery Life & Performance Review

Apple Macbook Pro Battery Life & Performance Review

The battery of the Apple Macbook Pro is rated 11 hours on Apple’s website, but like all other laptops, it could vary depending on your usage. However, you can expect 8-10 hours of battery life with mixed usage – depending on the apps you use.

Nevertheless, when you consider the CPU, RAM, and GPU power consumed by the laptop, the battery life is commendable. Although, if you are using it for heavy tasks, you might want to keep it plugged in.

Apple has been able to achieve this good battery life by increasing the battery size. Although, the size does not exceed the legally allowed battery size for domestic flights in the US.

The 100-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery is even more excellent when you are not pushing it. With emails, lightweight browsing, and typing, it lasts longer.

Finally, the size of this battery is one of the reasons for the machine’s increased weight. Nevertheless, it scores an 8 in this review for its good battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Apple Macbook Pro Worth It?

Yes. The Apple Macbook Pro is worth every penny. It is a good laptop that absolutely lives up to its value.

2. How Much RAM should I Get In My Apple Macbook Pro For Programming?

Generally, a laptop with less than 4 GB is definitely not very suitable for programming. Hence, I recommend starting with at least 8 GB, as most experts advise.

3. Is The Apple Macbook Pro Good For Gaming?

The Apple Macbook Pro has enough power for gaming. However, the gaming experience on the laptop might not be spectacular with every game.

4. Is The Apple Macbook Pro Good For Video Editing?

Yes, it is. Due to its powerful hardware configurations, you will have no challenges with your video editing.

5. How Long Will The Apple Macbook Pro Last?

Approximately 8 years. If you care enough for your Apple Macbook Pro, it should last you a long time. Moreover, its build has been improved, so it should be more durable.

My Final Thoughts

Apple Macbook Pro Review: My Final Thoughts

The Apple Macbook Pro is an excellent laptop that lives up to its value. However, it might be too much of a cost for people who just want to get a laptop for basic computing tasks.

Nevertheless, this is a perfect laptop for digital creatives who have the money to spare. If you are a video editor, coder, or sound engineer, you should get this machine.

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