How to Roll Back Windows 10 Update (3 Methods)

Introduction There could be a number of reasons you may want to roll back windows 10 update. One common...



windows 10 lock screen timeout

How to Change Screen Time Out Setting in Windows 10

Introduction There are two easy ways to change Windows 10 lock screen timeout settings: Desktop...
Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on Gmail

How to Mark all Emails as Read on Gmail

Introduction If you receive a lot of emails that you do not wish to read, you may want to...
Group Policy, GPResult, Group Policy Object and RSoP

Group Policy, Group Policy Object and RSoP Explained

Introduction This guide gives an overview of Group Policy, RSoP (Resultant Set of Policy) and Group Policy Objects.
dropbox login

Dropbox Login: Your Ultimate Guide to Dropbox

Introduction Dropbox login allows you to sign in to and use Dropbox. But what is Dropbox? Let's kick off...
Dual Boot Windows 7 and 10

Dual Boot Windows 7 and 10: Step by Step Guide

Introduction Want to try Windows 10 without upgrading? One option is to dual boot windows 7 and 10. ...
SysWOW64 and File System Redirector Explained

SysWOW64 and File System Redirector Explained

Introduction A Windows 64-bits OS has a SysWOW64 folder. It also has a System32 folder. These folders contain OS...
powershell replace

PowerShell Replace “Method” and “Operator”: Syntax, Examples

Introduction PowerShell Replace can be used to replace character strings, texts or special characters. PowerShell has a Replace...
remove login password in Windows 10

How to Remove Login Password in Windows 10

Introduction Want to remove login password in windows 10? You are not alone! Apparently, a reasonable...
hard drive not detected

How to Fix Hard Drive not Detected Problem

Introduction Some Windows users have experienced a situation where a hard drive is not detected after upgrading to Windows...
roll back windows 10 update

How to Roll Back Windows 10 Update (3 Methods)

Introduction There could be a number of reasons you may want to roll back windows 10 update. One common...
windows 10 keeps going to sleep

What to Do If Windows 10 Keeps Going to Sleep

Introduction It can be frustrating if suddenly your Windows 10 keeps going to sleep. You have to log back...
windows update cannot currently check for updates

How to Fix “Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates” Error

Introduction So, here is the situation. You want to update Windows 10. Then you click "check for updates" but...
network discovery keeps turning off server 2016

How to Fix Network Discovery If it Keeps Turning Off in Server 2016

Does network discovery keep turning off in your Windows server 2016? It is likely that one of its dependent services is not...
dhcp relay agent windows server 2016 not working

DHCP Relay Agent Windows Server 2016 Not Working [Fixed]

Introduction Most reports about DHCP relay agent not working in Windows Server 2016 has to do with clients in...
inaccessible boot device server 2016 fix

How to Fix Inaccessible Boot Device Error in Windows Server 2016

Introduction Some Windows admins have reported receiving "inaccessible boot device" error in Server 2016 after a Windows update. If...
Benefits and Shortcomings of RAID 10

Benefits and Shortcomings of RAID 10: Quick Reference Guide

Introduction When you stripe (RAID 0) two mirrored arrays (RAID 1) arrays you produce a RAID 10. This quick...
Transfer Schema Master Role

Transfer Schema Master Role With MMC or NTDSUTIL Command Tool

Introduction There are situations when an administrator may need to transfer the schema master role from one Domain Controller...
powershell windows 10

Frequently Asked Powershell Windows 10 Questions

This guide brings the top 8 Frequently asked Powershell Windows 10 questions. Get answers to common Windows 10 PowerShell FAQs…
powershell delete folder or File

How to Delete Folders or Files in PowerShell

Introduction You can delete folders and files in PowerShell using the Delete method or Remove-Item Cmdlet. This guide shows...
powershell version

4 Ways to Check the Current PowerShell Version on Your PC

Introduction If you are reading this guide because you want to learn how to find the PowerShell version on...
powershell sleep

PowerShell Start-Sleep Command: Syntax, Examples

Introduction Powershell Sleep (Start-Sleep) Cmdlet is a very useful scripting tool. There may be instances when you want to...
powershell add ad computers to array

How to Add AD Computers to a Powershell Array

Introduction There is one way to add AD Computers to a PowerShell array. A PowerShell array is a data...


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