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How to Archive and Unarchive Emails in Gmail



When you archive Gmail emails it helps to free up your inbox. In Gmail archived emails are moved to the “All Mail” label. You can archive individual or selected emails.

In this guide, I will share how to archive and unarchive emails from your browser, on Android and iOS Apps.


Gmail Archive: How to Archive Gmail Emails from a Browser

As I said in my introduction you can archive individual emails. You can also archive selected emails. In this section, I will demonstrate how to do both.

Gmail Archive: How to Archive a Single Email

  • Login to your Gmail account. Then click the label you want to archive email from.
Some examples of Gmail labels are Inbox, Starred, Sent, etc.
How to Archive a Single Gmail Email - click the Gmail label you wish to archive from
  • Next, hover over the email you want to archive. The highlighted icons will be displayed. To archive one email, click on the first icon (from left).
Hover on the email to show the archive icon.
The email is archived (disappear from the selected label, in this instance Inbox)
The email is now archived.

Gmail Archive: How to Archive Multiple Emails

  • Click on the label you want to archive from.
  • Then check the box beside each email you wish to archive.
  • Finally, click the archive icon on top. Highlighted in the image above.
The emails will be archived.

Gmail Archive: How to Unarchive Gmail Email

When you archive an email it is moved into the “All Mail” label. Unarchiving the email means moving it back to the original label.

Here are the steps to unarchive a Gmail email:

  • Click on “All Mail“.
How to Unarchive Gmail Email: Ste 1 Click the All Mail label
  • Next, check all the emails you want to unarchive.
  • Finally, click the 6th icon on top. This is the Move to Inbox icon.
You could unarchive single emails by hovering over the email. Then click Move to inbox. Another option is to use the Gmail Search.

Gmail Archive: How to Archive Emails on Android and iOS Apps

This is a 2-step process. One, confirm default action. Two, perform the archive.

To confirm default action:

  • Open Gmail App on your Android phone. The click on the 3 lines on the top left of the App.
Gmail Archive: How to Archive Emails on Android
  • Next, click Settings.
You may need to scroll down a bit to get to Settings.
  • Then, click General Settings.
Gmail Archive: How to Archive Emails on Android
  • Under Default notification action, confirm that Archive is active. If Delete is active, click on Default notification action. The select Archive. See the second image below.

To archive emails from Gmail App for Android or iOS, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the side of each message you want to archive to check it.
  • Next, click on the Archive icon on top – highlighted in the image above. The selected emails will be archived.
The steps to archive emails on Gmail App for iOS is similar to that of the Android App.


Archiving emails on Gmail does not delete the email. It simply moves the email to All Mail label. This is a great way to organize your emails and free up your inbox.

I hope this guide have been helpful. If you have any question or comment use the “Leave a Reply” form at the end of the page.

Alternatively, you can share ways you have organized your Gmail email.

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