Facebook SMS Notifications Explained

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This Itechguide explains SMS on Facebook.

What is SMS on Facebook

SMS on Facebook is a notification receipt option that allows Facebook to send you text messages about your Facebook activities. Other notification options are Browser and Email.

When you setup Facebook notification, you can choose one of the 3 methods to receive notification – Browser, Email or SMS. You will also be able to determine the types of notifications you wish to receive.

Specifically, for SMS you have two notification options – “Only about your account” or “Suggested”. More on this in section 3 of this Itechguide.

How SMS on Facebook Works

  1. Add a phone number to your Facebook account – see Add Phone Number to Your Facebook Account.
  2. Setup notification and select SMS as an option to receive notifications – see Turn on SMS on Facebook.
  3. On Facebook Notification settings, click SMS. Then, select one of the options – “Only about your account” or “Suggested”

Facebook SMS Notification Options Explained

Point 3 in the last section mentioned 2 options you can select when you setup SMS on Facebook. This section describes the 2 options in details.

“Only about your account” Notifications

If you select this option, Facebook will send you text messages about your Facebook account. You will also receive text messages about your account’s privacy and security. This option limits the number of SMS messages you receive from Facebook.

For your account’s security, you may receive text message notifications for logins to your account from new locations or devices. You may also receive notifications when your Facebook password is changed.

“Suggested” Notifications

This is the second SMS notification you can select. If you select this option, you will receive a lot more text message notifications from Facebook.

According to Facebook, if you select this option, Facebook will send text message notifications they think you may be interested in.

With this option, you will receive notifications about changes to your Facebook account. Moreover, you will receive other notifications – for example when somebody comments on your posts or when you are tagged in a post.

However, “Suggested” Notifications offers you the option to turn off notifications you do not wish to receive from Facebook.


For steps to set up SMS notifications, click How to Turn on SMS on Facebook.

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