GPRESULT Command: Syntax, Parameters, Examples




GPRESULT is a command line tool that displays the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) information for a target user and computer. GPRESULT works on local and remote computers.

In this guide, I will cover GPRESULT syntax, parameters and real examples you can apply in your day to day job as a Windows admin.


The syntax of GPRESULT is:

GPRESULT [/S ComputerName [/U username [/P [password]]]] [/SCOPE scope] [/USER targetusername] [/R | /V | /Z] [(/X | /H)  [/F]]

Each parameter (switch) in the syntax affects the output of GPRESULT. In the next section, I will explain what each switch means.

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GPRESULT Parameters

The table below explains what each parameter means and how it can be used.

1/S ComputerNameSpecifies a remote system to connect to.
2/U [domain]\userUsed to enter the user with the right permission to connect to the computer specified with the /S switch.
3/P [password]Specifies the password for the user above
4/SCOPE scopeSpecifies whether to display user or the computer settings. Valid values: “USER”, “COMPUTER”.
5/USER [domain]userSpecifies the user to display RSoP data for.
6/X <filename>Report is saved in XML format. Report is saved at the location specified by the parameter. <Filename> must be specified. If the path is not specified, the file will be saved in the directory the command is executed from.
7/H <filename>Saves the report as a HTML file at the location and with the <filename>. File name is required.
8/FForces GPResult to overwrite existing files.
9/RDisplays RSoP summary data.
10/VSpecifies that verbose information should be displayed. Provides additional information
11/ZOutputs additional settings data (Super-verbose).
12/?Displays help information

How to Use GPRESULT (Examples)

Below are some examples of how to use GPResult.

Use GPRESULT /H for HTML Reports

The /H parameter of GPResult command is used to generate RSoP in HTML format. Here is an example

GPRESULT /H GPReport.html 
GPResult Command: Syntax, Parameters, Examples

The command will create a HTML RSoP report with default values. Report is saved in the location the command was executed. In this instance, my drive C.

To save GPResult output in a different location, use the command below:

GPRESULT /H c:\RSoP\GPReport.html
The full path must exist. If the path does not exist you will receive an error message ERROR: The system cannot find the path specified.

The report is created in the path.

GPResult Command: Syntax, Parameters, Examples

How to Create RSoP XML Report

To output your report in XML, use this command:

 GPRESULT /X c:\RSoP\GPReport.xml 
You must include .XML file extension in the file.

The XML file is in the location.

GPResult Command: Syntax, Parameters, Examples

How to Run GPRESULT on a Remote Computer

Use the /S parameter as shown below:


Here is the result

Options /U, /P, /R, /V, /Z cannot be specified along with /X, /H.

You can pipe the last GPRESULT command to a text file as shown below:


The text file output

How to Show Computer Settings from GPRESULT

Use the /SCOPE switch as shown below:


The result

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Getting the RSoP information of a computer or user, showing the Group Policy settings applied to the computer is very useful for troubleshooting GPO issues. I hope this has been helpful to you.

If you have any question or comment use the “leave a Reply” form at the end of the page. Alternatively, you could share your experience so other readers can benefit from it.

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