Onn. Roku TV Review: A Decent Performing TV for Movie Lovers

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By John Samuel


My take on Onn. Roku TV


The Onn. Roku TV is a 4K smart television that offers nothing short of a decent performance. Furthermore, this television has wide viewing angles and supports HDR. Additionally, the TV comes with a brilliant operating system that offers plenty of streaming apps. However, the Onn. Roku TV lacks Bluetooth.



  • Wide viewing angles
  • High contrast ratio
  • Attractive design
  • HDR
  • Roku TV OS


  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • Average peak brightness
  • Not good for gaming

Onn. Roku TV: At First Glance

One of the less popular brands in the television market today is Onn. This TV brand was established in 2009 and, ever since then been releasing well-performing and affordable televisions.

One of Onn’s television that has stood out in recent years and actually made the brand a bit more famous is the Onn. Roku TV. This television comes fully packed with an awesome performance and decent features at a fair price.

Some of the features that this television offers include a 4K UHD display, the well-known Roku OS, and HDR compatibility. In fact, this TV has a stunning and modern design that is mostly found on expensive televisions.

However, there are some crucial areas where this television tends to disappoint. To find out about areas and more about the TV, I urge you carefully read the remaining sections of this review.

Onn. Roku TV: Design, Dimension, and Weight

Onn did a brilliant job when it comest to the Onn. Roku TV’s design. Specifically, this television comes with a sleek and attractive design that will surely catch your attention at first glance.

To give more details, the Onn. Roku TV features super-thin bezels around its display screen. Due to how thin these bezels are, this television is sometimes called a “frameless” television.

Besides, the bezels are made of plastic and feature a glossy black finish. Moreover, the bottom bezel appears a bit thicker than the sides and top bezels.

This is because it houses an “Onn” inscription at the center and a “Roku TV” inscription at the right edge. These inscriptions serve as a means of brand recognition as well as to beautify the front view of the TV.

Moving to the rear of the Onn. Roku TV, you’ll find a plastic panel. This plastic rear panel features a black texture finish that feels somewhat rough and unappealing when you run your hands through it.

Also, there are about four holes in this television’s rear panel. These holes are specifically meant to accommodate a 300 x 200 VESA mount for wall-mounting the Onn. Roku TV.

However, the bottom half of the rear panel is plumpy because it houses all of the television’s electronics and components. Thus, when the Onn. Roku TV is mounted on the wall; it will surely stick out and look awkward.

To make things even worse, the rear panel of the television lacks any form of a cable management system. Therefore, for a neat setup, you will need to carefully and manually arrange every cable attached to the TV.

Moving on, the Onn. Roku TV comes with a pair of V-shaped legs. These legs are made of plastic and have a matte-black finish.

Unfortunately, the plastic material used to make these legs is somewhat fragile. Thus, the Onn. Roku TV tends to wobble even when slightly nudged.

To add to the woes, each of these V-shaped legs is positioned at the edges of the Onn. Roku TV. Thus, if the TV isn’t mounted on the wall, a large table or desk would be required to place it on.

That said, for size and weight, the Onn. Roku TV measures 1673.8 x 76.2 x 965.2 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 22770.3 g. Comparatively, this television is lighter than most 75-inch televisions out there.

For example, the Samsung UN75NU6900FXZA weighs 37013.1 g, and the LG 75UJ6470 weighs 41322.2 g.

All things considered, I will rate the Onn. Roku TV an eight out of ten in this design review section.

Onn. Roku TV: Display Features and Picture Quality

The Onn. Roku TV comes with a 75-inch DLED display. Moreover, this display features a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution.

Due to this 4K UHD resolution, this television’s display will be able to deliver clear, realistic, and detailed picture quality. In fact, as a 4K UHD display, the Onn. Roku TV’s DLED display should offer far better picture quality than a standard HD display.

The reason is that a 4K UHD resolution display has about four times the amount of pixels found on an HD resolution display. In addition to its excellent 4K UHD resolution, this television’s display comes with an impressive contrast ratio of 5000:1.

In brief, contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest shades and the darkest shade a display can produce. Furthermore, a high contrast ratio means the display will be able to produce deep blacks.

Meanwhile, a low contrast ratio is the exact opposite – it means that the display won’t be able to produce deep blacks. Therefore, with a contrast ratio as high as 5000:1, the Onn. Roku TV’s display should be able to deliver deep blacks.

As a result, the television will be suitable for watching movies or TV series with lots of shadowy or dark scenes. Also, the Onn. Roku TV will be great for dark room viewing due to its high contrast ratio.

Sadly, this TV’s display does not support local dimming. Briefly, local dimming is a picture technology that enhances the contrast ratio of LED/LCD displays by dimming their backlight zones.

Thus, with local dimming, blacks rendered by the display will be deeper than they would be without this feature. In fact, this feature improves the overall picture quality as well as the darkroom performance of the display.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, the Onn. Roku TV’s display does not support local dimming. Although the absence of local dimming isn’t a major issue because the display already has a high contrast ratio, it would have been a great plus.

Nevertheless, to recompense for its lack of local dimming, the Onn. Roku TV’s display supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). Particularly, the display supports an HDR format known as HDR 10.

For the record, HDR is a picture technique that increases a display’s brightness and color accuracy when rendering HDR-supported content. Hence, when viewing such content, the display’s picture quality will be more realistic and lifelike.

For your information, you can find HDR-supported content on streaming services like Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. Regrettably, despite HDR, the Onn. Roku TV’s display isn’t bright enough.

Specifically, the display delivers an average peak brightness between 270 and 350 nits. Thus, the Onn. Roku TV isn’t good for usage or watching movies in a well-lit or bright environment.

However, the display’s peak brightness is enough for you to enjoy using the television in moderately-lit areas. That aside, the Onn. Roku TV’s display offers wide viewing angles.

Hence, when watching the television from the sides or extreme angles, the colors and picture quality will remain intact without losing quality. As a result, the Onn. Roku TV is ideal for a large room setting.

Apart from having good viewing angles, the Onn. Roku TV’s display also handles reflection effectively. This is due to the semi-gloss coating on the surface of the display.

This coating retracts reflections and reduces the density of screen glares across the display. Therefore, the performance of the television in bright areas should be less bothersome.

However, the Onn. Roku TV’s display has a mediocre input lag of 32.1 milliseconds. Briefly, input lag is the time a display takes to register signal input from external sources like a wireless gamepad.

Besides, the input lag of the display is a major factor that determines how well a television can perform when it comes to gaming. Basically, a TV can be considered adequate for gaming only when its display has an input lag of 15 ms or less.

Apparently, the Onn. Roku TV’s display input lag is far above 15 ms. Therefore, the television isn’t good enough for gaming or an ideal choice for gamers.

In conclusion, the Onn. Roku TV features a 4K UHD display with adequate performance, a high contrast ratio, and HDR compatibility. However, this display has an average peak brightness, and the TV isn’t good for gaming due to the display’s poor input lag.

As a result, I will be rating the Onn. Roku TV a seven out of ten in this display features review section.

Onn. Roku TV: Sound Features

For the sound department, the Onn. Roku TV employs a pair of 2 CH 10-watt speakers. Although these speakers produce decent sound quality, they are not loud enough to fill a large room with sound.

To further complicate issues, the Onn. Roku TV doesn’t come with a subwoofer for adequate bass production. As a result, this TV isn’t good for watching bass-heavy movies or movies with lots of thumping and rumbling sounds.

Nevertheless, you can consider purchasing a soundbar alongside the TV to get a good amount of bass. Obviously, that would come at an additional cost.

On a bright note, the Onn. Roku TV features a sound technology called Dolby Audio. This sound technology improves the surround sound production and loudness of the television’s speakers.

Therefore, the speakers will be able to deliver cinematic audio quality. That’s not all; the Onn. Roku TV’s speakers will also be able to produce audible and comprehensible dialogue.

For context, dialogue refers to the sound produced during a conversation between multiple characters in a TV series or movie.

To top it all up, the Onn. Roku TV offers an excellent distortion performance. This implies that even when set to the max volume level, the TV’s speakers will deliver only a minimal amount of distortion.

For the record, distortion in this context is the change in original sound frequencies, causing a sound device to produce unwanted noises.

To end this sound features review section, I will be rating the Onn. Roku TV an eight out of ten.

Onn. Roku TV: Ports and Connectivity Features

To begin with, the Onn. Roku TV offers a decent amount of ports. Some of these ports are down-facing on the television’s back, while the others are left-facing.

Starting with the down-facing ports, there is an Ethernet port and three HDMI ports, including one that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). Thus, with that particular ARC-supported HDMI port, users should be able to easily connect a soundbar to the Onn. Roku TV.

Meanwhile, for the left-facing ports, you’ll find one USB port, digital optical audio out, and composite video input. Also, you will find an RF connector and a headphone jack among the left-facing ports.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, the Onn. Roku TV features built-in 802.11 Wi-Fi. However, this television lacks Bluetooth.

Having said all that, let us now discuss the included remote control of this TV. To start with, as a ROKU television, the Onn. Roku TV comes with a standard Roku TV remote control.

This remote is somewhat small and made out of plastic with a matte black finish. However, due to its small stature, the remote offers a limited amount of buttons.

Speaking of buttons, the Onn. Roku TV’s remote features a purple plus-shaped directional button that sits a bit above the center. Also, you’ll find four dedicated buttons at the bottom part of this remote.

These dedicated buttons are for quick access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, the Roku channel, and Vudu. Uniquely, this remote features a volume rocker on its right side.

Besides, there exists a gray “onn. Roku TV” inscription at the bottom part of the remote control for brand recognition. However, unlike some Roku remote controls, this television’s remote lacks a built-in mic for voice input.

All in all, I will be rating the Onn. Roku TV an eight out of ten in this ports and connectivity features review section.

Onn. Roku TV: Smart Features

Just as the name suggests, the Onn. Roku TV employs the Roku TV as its operating system. This OS has an easy-to-use, lag-free, and smooth interface that makes navigation very seamless.

Furthermore, the interface features a navigation bar on the right side of the screen. This navigation bar comes in a column setting and enables users to highlight and select items with ease.

Besides, the Roku TV OS offers a variety of streaming services and applications. To mention a few of these streaming services, there is Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, and Pandora.

However, most of these streaming services aren’t free. Basically, you have to pay a certain amount per month to have access to them.

Fortunately, the Roku TV operating system has quite a number of free streaming services like CBS, Tubi, and Peacock TV. Aside from that, users can stream/share content from their smart devices to the Onn. Roku TV via the Roku app.

This Roku app is absolutely free and available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store. Although the Onn. Roku TV supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice input; you have to buy a Google Nest speaker or an Amazon Echo to make use of them.

This is because neither the television nor its remote control features a built-in microphone. Nevertheless, I will rate the Onn. Roku TV a nine out of ten in this smart features review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Onn. Roku TV a Smart TV?

Yes, it is. The Onn. Roku TV is a 75-inch smart television that runs the Roku TV OS which gives it access to lots of streaming services.

2. How many USB ports does the Onn. Roku TV have?

The Onn. Roku TV comes with a single USB port.

3. Does the Onn. Roku TV have Bluetooth?

Sadly, the Onn. Roku TV lacks Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

4. Is the Onn. Roku TV good for gaming?

No, it isn’t. The display of the Onn. Roku TV offers an input lag far above the recommended 15 milliseconds – it has an input lag of 32.1 milliseconds.

Therefore, the Onn. Roku TV isn’t good for gaming.

5. Who owns the Onn Brand?

The Onn brand is owned exclusively by Walmart.


The Onn. Roku TV is a large-screen TV that offers decent performance for movie lovers. Specifically, the display of the television offers a 4K UHD resolution, a high contrast ratio, wide viewing angles, and HDR compatibility.

Besides, the Onn. Roku TV comes with a very attractive design that’s attention-grabbing. Furthermore, the TV features the Roku TV operating system that offers a wide range of streaming services.

However, this television lacks Bluetooth, and its display isn’t bright enough. Also, the TV isn’t suitable for gaming because its display doesn’t have a low-enough input lag.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t planning to use it for gaming, the Onn. Roku TV should serve you well.

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