LG 70UH6350 Review: A Large-screen TV with Good Performance

Do you desire a TV with outstanding picture quality and great sound performance? If yes, this LG 70UH6350 review will be of interest to you.

LG 70UH6350 review A 4K TV With Outstanding Pictures Quality
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The LG 70UH6350 is a 70-inch TV that offers outstanding picture quality and numerous amazing features. Furthermore, the speakers of this television deliver a good sound quality that most users would desire. Also, the TV comes with a brilliant operating system. Sadly, the television’s display isn’t bright enough.



  • Remarkable sound performance
  • Brilliant smart OS
  • Adequate port selection
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Good picture quality


  • Average display brightness
  • Lacks cable management system
  • No Bluetooth

This review offers detailed information on every aspect of the LG 70UH6350 that you need to know. Hence, I will be discussing the television’s features, such as its design, display, sound, ports and connectivity, and smart features.

Furthermore, based on the information presented in this review, you will get to know the pros and cons of this TV. Aside from that, I will also be rating the LG 70UH6350 out of ten at the end of each section of this review.

Therefore, I urge you to read this review to the end so as to know if the television is worth buying.

My Initial Thoughts

LG 70UH6350 Review: My Initial Thoughts

LG is one of the leading TV brands in the world due to its consistency in producing TVs with great performance. One of LG’s television that stood out in recent years is the LG 70UH6350, which this review is all about.

This LG television was released in 2018 and offers a 4K display with numerous great features that I believe most users would love. A few of these features include great picture quality, excellent sound performance, and a brilliant operating system.

Obviously, these are just a few of what the LG 70UH6350 has to offer. Hence, to know more about this TV and its other features, I suggest that you read the subsequent sections of this article.

LG 70UH6350 Design, Dimension, and Weight Review

Design-wise, the LG 70UH6350 comes with a basic design that appears pretty good. To be more descriptive, this TV features thin bezels that flank its 70-inch display screen.

To give more details, these bezels are made of plastic with a matte-black finish. Moreover, the bottom bezel is somewhat thicker than the other bezels due to the “LG” logo imprinted at the center.

Having discussed the bezels, let us now consider the rear of the television. To start with, the LG 70UH6350 comes with a plain plastic panel that has a black textured finish on its back.

Also, there is a huge LG logo on this back panel. However, you might not easily spot this logo because it has the same finish and color as the television’s back panel.

Asides from this logo, you’ll also find four holes on the TV’s back that can accommodate a 600 X 400 VESA mount for wall-mounting the TV. Moreover, because the back panel isn’t thick, the LG 70UH6350 shouldn’t stick out of the wall when wall-mounted.

However, you won’t find any form of cable management system on the back of this LG television. Therefore, one would need to carefully and manually arrange all the cables attached to the TV to ensure a clean and organized setup.

Moving on, just in case you don’t wish to wall-mount the LG 70UH6350, it comes with a metallic stand. To give more details, this stand features a silver finish and has a flat footprint with a wide opening at its center.

Also, due to the metallic build of the stand, it is very sturdy and offers adequate support to make the LG 70UH6350 stand firmly. However, that doesn’t mean the TV won’t wobble a bit when forcefully pushed or nudged.

For dimension and weight, the LG 70UH6350 has a dimension of 1572.2 x 60.9 x 909.3 mm (W x D x H). In addition to that, this television weighs 28712.4 g.

Comparatively, the LG 70UH6350 is heavier than most 70-inch televisions out there. For example, the Samsung NU6900 weighs 24720.7 g and measures 1574.8 x 60.9 x 873.7 mm (W x D x H).

In summary, the LG 70UH6350 doesn’t come with a premium design like high-end TVs. However, the design of the television is fairly good-looking, with a silver metallic stand and a slim build.

Thus, the LG 70UH6350 deserves a rating of eight out of ten in this design review section.

LG 70UH6350 Display Features and Picture Quality Review

LG 70UH6350 Display Features And Picture Quality Review

As previously hinted, the LG 70UH6350 comes with a 70-inch LED display. Furthermore, this TV’s display features the popular 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution that allows it to deliver clear and detailed pictures.

Besides, as most of us know, a 4K resolution display offers about 4x the pixels that a standard HD resolution display has. Hence, the picture quality of a 4K display like the LG 70UH6350’s display should be far better and clearer than a standard HD display.

Impressively, despite being made with an IPS panel, the LG 70UH6350’s display comes with a high contrast ratio of 3000:1. Just to be clear, most displays made with an IPS panel are known to deliver poor contrast ratios.

Hence, it is quite surprising and impressive that this television’s display has a high contrast ratio. Well, with such a high contrast ratio, the display should be able to deliver deep blacks.

As a result, the LG 70UH6350 should be suitable for viewing movies with plenty of dark scenes, such as Vampire Diaries. In case you are wondering, contrast ratio refers to the difference between the whitest whites and the darkest black a display can produce.

To further complement its contrast ratio, the LG 70UH6350’s display supports local dimming. For clarity, local dimming is a technique that increases the contrast ratio of an LED/LCD display by reducing backlight zones when necessary.

Thus, with local dimming, blacks on the LG 70UH6350’s display should be extremely dark. Thereby improving the overall picture quality of the display and making the television very suitable for dark room viewing.

That said, the LG 70UH6350 continues to impress as its 70-inch display support HDR (High Dynamic Range). Hence, when watching HDR-supported content on the TV, pictures are going to be brighter, more realistic, and lifelike.

For clarity, HDR-supported content is usually found on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Unexpectedly, despite supporting HDR, the LG 70UH6350’s display offers an average peak brightness of 300 nits. Therefore, this LG television might not be ideal for usage in a well-lit, sunny, or bright area.

Nevertheless, the display’s peak brightness is adequate enough for you to enjoy watching the television in a moderately-lit room.

Moving on, because it is made with an IPS panel, the LG 70UH6350’s display delivers wide viewing angles. Thus, pictures and colors won’t lose accuracy when watching the television from an extreme angle or off-center.

As a result, the LG 70UH6350 is good for a large room setting. With all that being said, let us now discuss the input lag of the television’s display.

To start with, the LG 70UH6350’s display comes with an input lag of 26.9 milliseconds. In case you are wondering, input lag is the time it takes a display to respond to signal input.

In addition to that, the input lag of the display is a major factor to consider when determining the gaming capability of a TV. To be more specific, if the display has an input lag of 15 milliseconds or less, the television is considered adequate for competitive gaming.

Hence, with an input lag of 26.9 ms, the LG 70UH6350 isn’t a gaming television. Nevertheless, the display’s input lag is low enough for casual gaming.

To compensate for its not-low-enough input lag, the LG 70UH6350’s display comes with a fast response time of 11 milliseconds. Consequently, the television is suitable for viewing fast-motion content like action movies or sports.

This is due to the fact that there will be minimal to no blur trails when the display is viewing such content. For the record, response time refers to the time a display takes to change from one color to another.

In conclusion, apart from its average peak brightness, there is barely anything to hate about the LG 70UH6350’s display. Therefore, I will rate the LG 70UH6350 a nine out of ten in this display review section.

LG 70UH6350 Sound Features Review

For the sound department, the LG 70UH6350 comes with a pair of 20-watt speakers. These speakers produce great audio quality and are loud enough to fill a large room with sound.

Impressively, despite the lack of a subwoofer, the LG 70UH6350’s speakers manage to produce a decent amount of bass. Thus, watching movies with a moderate amount of bass would be great on this LG television.

However, if you’re a lover of bass-heavy movies/music, I recommend you purchase a soundbar to support the speakers’ moderate bass production.

That said, the LG 70UH6350 features various sound technologies to enhance its sound quality and production. To be more specific, this television features Dolby Audio, Ultra Surround, and DTS-HD.

These sound technologies help the television’s speakers in filtering out unnecessary noise or bad frequencies. Also, they enhance the speakers’ surround sound production, allowing them to produce a cinema-like sound quality.

Moreover, with the help of these sound technologies, the LG 70UH6350’s speakers should be able to produce clear and audible dialogue. For context, dialogue refers to the conversation between two or more characters in a movie or TV show.

The LG 70UH6350’s sound technologies are impressive, but what’s more impressive is its distortion performance. To be more specific, the television offers an excellent distortion performance that was proven via its result on a THD test.

The Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) test is an evaluation for audio devices and speakers to measure the amount of distortion they can produce. Moreover, on this test, a score of 1% or less means the audio device produces minimal distortion.

On the contrary, any score above 1% implies that the audio device produces a noticeable amount of distortion. Excellently, the LG 70UH6350 recorded a score of 0.5% on the THD test.

As a result, even when the television’s volume is set to the maximum level, distortion won’t be noticeable or audible. In case you are curious, distortion is the change of original audio frequencies, allowing an audio device to deliver less appealing sound quality.

All things considered, the LG 70UH6350 deserves a nine out of ten rating for its impressive performance in this sound review section.

LG 70UH6350 Ports and Connectivity Features Review

LG 70UH6350 Ports And Connectivity Features Review

When it comes to ports, the LG 70UH6350 offers a reasonable amount of ports, like most LG TVs. Furthermore, some of the ports are left-facing, while the others are directly on the television’s back.

Starting with the left-facing ports, these ports include three HDMI ports, including one that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). As a result, with the ARC-HDMI port, you should be able to connect a soundbar to the TV.

Asides from the HDMI ports, the left-facing ports also include three USB ports. These USB ports can be used for connecting flash drives to the television or charging your smartphones.

Moving to the ports directly on the LG 70UH6350’s back, you will find an Ethernet port, RF connector, and optical analog audio out. That’s not all; there is also a composite video input directly on the back of the television.

Meanwhile, for wireless connectivity, the LG 70UH6350 features a built-in 802.11ac WIFI. Unexpectedly, this LG television lacks Bluetooth.

That said, the LG 70UH6350 comes with a standard LG remote control. This remote control has a plastic body with a black matte finish and also features lots of rubber buttons.

Talking of buttons, the remote control comes with a full number pad, channel rockers, and volume rockers. Asides from that, there is also a square-shaped navigation button a bit below the center of the remote.

Sadly, despite featuring lots of buttons, this television’s remote doesn’t come with any dedicated button for quick access to certain streaming apps. In addition to that, the remote also lacks a built-in microphone for voice input.

On a positive note, you’ll find a white “LG” at the bottom of the remote control that beautifies it a bit.

In summary, the LG 70UH6350 offers a great wealth of ports that would meet most users’ connectivity needs. However, the television doesn’t have Bluetooth and features a standard remote control that lacks some essential buttons.

Thus, I will be rating the LG 70UH6350 an eight out of ten in this ports and connectivity features review section.

LG 70UH6350 Smart Features Review

As one would expect from any LG smart television, the LG 70UH6350 makes use of LG’s exclusive webOS as its operating system. The interface of this operating system is very smooth and lag-free, making navigation very easy and problem-free.

Furthermore, the webOS is loaded with lots of pre-installed streaming services you would surely like. Some of these streaming services include HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube.

Impressively, in case you desire more streaming services, you can simply download more from the LG Content Store. However, the LG Content Store offers fewer streaming services compared to the Google Play Store and Samsung Store.

On a bright note, with the LG SmartShare app, you should be able to stream/share content from your smart devices to the LG 70UH6350. Besides that, this LG television supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice AIs for voice input.

However, neither the LG 70UH6350 nor its remote control has an in-built microphone. As a result, to make use of voice AIs, you have to purchase a Google Nest speaker or an Amazon Echo.

Thus, to conclude this smart features review section, I will rate the LG 70UH6350 an eight out of ten.

Frequently Asked Questions

 LG 70UH6350 Review Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Year Was The LG 70UH6350 Released?

The LG 70UH6350 was released in 2018.

2. Is The LG 70UH6350 A Smart TV?

Yes, it is. The LG 70UH6350 is a smart television that runs on the webOS which gives it access to the majority of streaming services like Netflix.

3. How Many USB Ports Does The LG 70UH6350 Have?

The LG 70UH6350 features three USB ports.

4. Does The LG 70UH6350 Have A Voice Remote?

No, it doesn’t. Instead, the LG 70UH6350 comes with a standard LG remote control.

5. Does The LG 70UH6350 Have Bluetooth?

Sadly, the LG 70UH6350 lacks Bluetooth.

My Final Thoughts

The LG 70UH6350 is a 70-inch smart TV that offers brilliant performance for movie lovers. To give more details, this television delivers great picture quality and excellent sound performance.

That’s not all; this television also offers various amazing features ranging from Dolby Audio to its brilliant webOS. However, if you are a competitive gamer, this LG television might not be the best for you.

This is because it lacks a low input lag. Besides that, the television lacks Bluetooth, and its display isn’t bright enough.

Nevertheless, these few flaws are nothing compared to the good features that the TV has to offer. Thus, if you need a large-screen smart television that offers an excellent viewing experience, the LG 70UH6350 might just be your best pick.

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