How to Use Dual WhatsApp Accounts in One Android Phone


Most Android phones now support dual SIM. If your Android phone has 2 SIM cards you can configure dual WhatsApp account (two WhatsApp accounts) to work on the same phone.

Dual WhatsApp account in one phone

Having dual WhatsApp account in one phone is particularly useful if you want to separate work from personal messages. It also offers the benefit of not having two phones.

This quick guide demonstrates how to set up dual WhatsApp account on different Android phones.

I will begin the guide by looking at what this feature is called in different Android phones.

In the last section of the guide I demo how to use dual WhatsApp account on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

Dual WhatsApp Account: Feature Support for Different Android Phones

There is a feature in Android phone that allows you to set up 2 messenger Apps (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook) in a single phone. This feature is called different names in different Android phones.

To have dual WhatsApp account you use this feature to install it. In this section I will discuss what this feature is called in popular Android phones.

The table below shows the popular Android phone manufacturers and the name of the feature that allows you to use dual WhatsApp account. The table also shows quick steps to get to the feature.

S/NAndroid Phone ManufacturerFeature Name*Quick Setup Steps
1Samsung Galaxy Dual Messenger Settings > Advanced features > Dual Messenger
2OnePlus Parallel Apps Settings > Apps > Parallel Apps
3Huawei and HonorApp Twin Settings > App Twin
4Xiaomi (MIUI) Dual apps Settings > Dual apps
5OppoClone AppsSettings > Clone Apps
6VivoApp clone Settings > App clone
7Asus Twin apps Settings > Twin apps
*This is the name of the feature on this phone that allows you to use two separate accounts for the same App.

Dual WhatsApp Account: Setup for Samsung Galaxy S9

Now you know the name of the feature you require to setup dual WhatsApp Account for your phone. In this section I will demo a setup for a Samsung Galaxy S9.

This section will act as a guide to set up for any Android phone.

Here are the steps:

  • Locate Settings App on your Android phone.
Dual WhatsApp for Galaxy S9 step 1
  • Click Settings to open it.
Dual WhatsApp for Galaxy S9 step 2
For any other Android phone, use the table in the previous section to determine the next step from Settings. The remaining steps below is for Samsung.
  • To get to Samsung Dual Messenger App, click Advanced features.
To get to Advanced features you will need to scroll down Settings.
Dual WhatsApp for Galaxy S9 step 3
  • Next, locate and click Dual Messenger App
The Apps that support dual feature will be listed.
  • To install dual WhatsApp account for your phone, click the switch beside WhatsApp (highlighted in the previous image). When you click the switch, you will be asked to confirm. Click Install. Then click Confirm to agree to the Disclaimer.

  • If you want to use a different contact for the second App, click the switch. When you finish, click Next.
  • Dual WhatsApp account will be enabled. The way to know that is has been enabled is that it will have the highlighted orange icon beneath it.
  • To use the second WhatsApp account, open you apps. The second App will be listed.
  • You can then drag the second (dual) WhatsApp to your home screen. Here is the dual WhatsApp account on my Home screen!
Dual WhatsApp for Galaxy S9 second WhatsApp on Home
  • To configure the dual WhatsApp account, double-click it. Then set it up just like a brand new WhatsApp Account using your second SIM card number.


Installing double (or second) WhatsApp account on an Android phone is as straightforward as that! I hope you enjoy your second WhatsApp.

You could also enable this feature for any App that supports it. Any App that support the feature will be listed when you open the dual message app on your phone.

If you like to leave a comment or ask a question, use the “Leave a Reply” form at the end of this page. You could also share your experience using two of the same Apps on the one phone.

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