Top 5 Websites Like Craigslist for Cars



Craigslist is a local classified Ads website with 7 sections including cars. It is a brilliant site but using other websites like Craigslist specifically for cars makes it easier to find what you are looking for. It also reduces the time you may spend searching for cars if you used Craigslist .

Craigslist has 2 unique features: 1, you can view listings. 2, you can also add your listing. All websites featured in this guide has these two features but focus specifically on cars.


Here are our top 5 websites like Craigslist for cars: made it to number in our websites like Craigslist for cars because of the site design.

I normally favor searching for things but what caught my attention is that offer you option to Shop New or Used Cars. I think this feature is brilliant. When you click your option, offers you more options to customize your search.

Another great feature of is that it offers you a link to evaluate your car. You can also shop by car brand. Finally, gives you the option to Sell or Trade your car.

The next website in our list of websites like Craigslist for cars made it to number 2 because of its simplistic design. It offers a slick search box that allows you to search by make, model or by your own description.

Another excellent feature of this website is that it offers you their showroom closest to you. If you hover over the location icon on the top right of the page, displays a store closest to you. It even gives you the option to see the cars available in that store!

Finally, you can Sell your car or even Finance your car purchase. is number 3 in our top 5 websites like Craigslist for cars.

This website is different from the first 2 websites in the list. It offers 2 search options. 1, Search by make and 2, Search by body style. When you select one of these options, you then make additional selections to fine-tune your search. When you finish, click Search to return a list of cars that meet your search criteria.

Another unique feature of is trending cars near you feature. It also offers cars by category. Having all these right on the home means you have various options to find your dream car!

As promised at the beginning of this guide, all websites featured in our list of websites like Craigslist for cars must have two features – ability to buy and sell your car. Like every other website in this list, offers both.

Right on the menu is Sell your car. On this page you can Create Your Listing, Get An Estimate, or even complete a quick offer form.

Advertisement is number 4 in our websites like Craigslist for cars because it offers something unique. It brings together listings from all the major used car sites.

According to, their site offers listings from used car listings from eBay,, craigslist and more.

This means that shopping for used cars in gives you a lot more options to select from. also offers search, research, calculate the trade-in value of your car and list your car for sale. is the last in the list of websites like Craigslist for cars. But its position in this list is not a reflection of its offering. Actually, the website offers something very unique: buy and sell classic cars or classic car parts.

If you love classic cars you will love You can also sell your classic cars at

If you think these unique offerings from this website is exciting, wait until you hear the next! The website offers classic trucks! And even classic Motorcycles for sale.


I hope you found our list of top 5 websites like Craigslist for cars useful! If you have any question or wish to leave a comment, use the “Leave a Reply” form found at the end of this page.

Alternatively, you could share your experience with any of these car websites.

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