Top 5 Websites Like Craigslist for Apartments



Craigslist is a local classified Ads website with 7 sections including apartment rent. It is a brilliant site but using other websites like Craigslist specifically for apartments makes it easier to find what you are looking for. It also reduces the time you may spend searching for what you need.

Craigslist has 2 unique features: 1, you can view listings. 2, you can also add your listing. All websites featured in this guide has these two features but focus specifically to apartment rentals and listing.

Here are our top 5 websites like Craigslist for apartments:

Websites Like Craigslist for Apartments - is our first of 5 websites like Craigslist for apartments because of its simplistic design. It provides a clean and easy-to-use search and other features discussed below.

All you need to find an apartment is to enter the location in the first box. You could also include more details. Then in the Rent Range drop-down, select the range you are willing to pay for the apartment. Finally, select the type of apartment and hit the Go button.

The default is to search All types of apartments. But you can select an apartment type you wish to search using the navigation links above the search area. Options available are: APARTMENTS, CONDOS, HOUSES and TOWNHOMES.

Another feature that makes this website like Craigslist is its Add a listing feature. To add your own apartment for rent, click Add a listing button (on the top right of the page). Then enter all the details and click Submit Rental.

One last cool thing about is that it auto-detects your location. This makes searching for apartments in your area super easy!

The second website in our list of websites like Craigslist for apartments is This site provides a simple search bar that allows you to search by keyword. That is, simply describe the apartment location, then include your apartment features and click search.

Another thing that makes the site great is that it does not have any search navigation. But beneath the search box, it provides a list of Popular cities. It also shows Popular Campuses – a list of off campus apartments for rent.

As promised at the beginning of this guide, this guide only includes websites that have both key features of Craigslist. Ability to find apartments but also list your apartment for rent.

Apart from ability to search for an apartment, also provides you ability to list yours for FREE. To list your apartment, click Add a listing (top right of the page). Then follow the steps, enter the required details.

One final feature offered by is ability to advertise your listing. This is one way to help people find your listing fast. Simply click Advertise link found on the top right of the page. Then enter your email in the box and click List with us.

Advertisement is another brilliant site in our websites like Craigslist for apartments list. It is now part of

This explains why the website is very similar to One main feature that differentiates from the other sites featured so far is this: if you scroll down the home page, you will see a heading called “Answers & Advice From Industry Experts”. This offers 3 essential rental tools:

  1. Rent calculator – a calculator that allows to estimate your rent and set your budget. I think this is very useful!
  2. Apartment Living Tips & Tricks – takes you to their blog page with incredibly great apartment living contents.
  3. Apartment Moving Checklist – a comprehensive list of all you need to move house. In my experience, this is also a very useful tool!

Finally, also offers you the option to Add a Listing at a cost. Because is now part of, when you click the link in Add a Listing it takes you to is another great one. It made it to our list of websites like Craigslist for apartments because it has all the features you need to find your next apartment. But it also includes two simple but great features:

  1. For you – a list of new apartments in your area added today.
  2. Expand your search – a list of quick links to other cities near you.

These two features caught my attention as it simplifies your ability to find an apartment fast.

Finally, like all the sites in this list, offers an option for you to List your rental. is part of Zillow Group family of sites. The other 2 sites in the Zillow Group are and Trulia. is the last in our list of 5 websites like Craigslist for apartments. Coming last on the list does not suggest it offers the least features! Actually, like other websites featured in this guide offers a simple apartment search form.

Also, like most websites in this list, automatically detects your city and offers you available apartments.

Finally, this site also offers you the option to list your own apartment for rent. To add your listing, click Post Rental (on the top right of the page). When you click Post Rental, you will be required login or create an account before you can post.



That is our Top 5 websites like Craigslist for apartments. I hope you found this useful! If you have any question or wish to add a comment, use the “Leave a Reply” for at the end of this page.

Alternatively, you could share your experience using any of the websites in our list. This will help other readers make informed decisions.

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