VIZIO P75-F1 Review: A 75-inch 4K TV with Great Specs

Ever thought of purchasing a VIZIO smart TV? If yes is your answer, this VIZIO P75-F1 review should be of interest to you.

VIZIO P75-F1 Review The Right 4K Television For Gaming!
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The VIZIO P75-F1 is a 4K television with a unique design, a good contrast ratio, and incredible picture quality. However, this television comes with some major downsides which include poor viewing angles.



  • Good contrast ratio
  • Low input lag
  • Slim design
  • Fast response time
  • Five HDMI ports


  • Poor viewing angles
  • No Bluetooth
  • Limited streaming apps

In this review, I will analyze the VIZIO P75-F1’s features and specifications in great detail. To achieve this, I will discuss the TV’s design, display features, sound features, and ports and connectivity features.

That’s not all, I will also be discussing the television’s smart features in this review. Moreover, due to the fact that this is an extensive review, you will get to know the VIZIO P75-F1’s advantages and disadvantages.

Hence, I urge you to read this article to the very end. In doing so, you will have enough information about the television that will help you in making a smart purchase decision.

My Initial Thoughts

VIZIO P75-F1 Review My Initial Thoughts

Since being founded in 2002, VIZIO has been gradually competing with leading television brands such as Sony, Samsung, and LG. Moreover, they are best known for delivering budget televisions with the right mixture of features and performance.

Therefore, in 2018, the brand released the VIZIO P75-F1, a 75-inch 4K television that offers adequate performance for both gamers and movie lovers. Also, this television comes with quite a number of amazing features including HDR compatibility.

However, like most VIZIO televisions, the VIZIO P75-F1 features a few drawbacks. I won’t be revealing these drawbacks in this section, though.

Therefore, if you want to know what this television can offer including its drawbacks, you have to read through the remaining sections below.

VIZIO P75-F1 Design, Dimension, and Weight Review

Before delving too deep into this section, I would like to say the VIZIO P75-F1 is one beautiful television. To begin with, this television features ultra-slim bezels that border its display screen.

To give more details, the bezels measure only 0.35-inch, that’s how thin they are. Moreover, these bezels are made of metal and feature a smooth sleek-looking silver finish.

Besides, despite being so thin, VIZIO still manages to include its logo on the right corner of the bottom bezel. In addition to these ultra-slim bezels, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a pair of thin metallic legs.

Just like the bezels, these legs feature a silver finish. Also, due to the metallic build of the legs, they are very sturdy and should hold the television in place even when pushed with force.

However, each of these legs is positioned very close to the edges of the television. Hence, if you aren’t planning on wall-mounting the television, you will need a large desk/tabletop to place it on.

That said, now let us look at the back of the television. To start with, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a plastic back panel.

This back panel features a plain black finish. Moreover, like the bezels and legs, this back panel is very thin.

Therefore, the VIZIO P75-F1 shouldn’t bulge out or look odd if mounted on the wall. Speaking of which, the television’s back panel features four 400 x 400 mm VESA mount holes for wall-mounting the television.

However, this back panel lacks a cable management system. This means that you have to find a way to keep the cables tidy behind the TV.

When it comes to dimension and weight, the VIZIO P75-F1 measures 1670.6 x 67.3 x 954.8 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 34200 g. Honestly, for a 75-inch television, the weight of this VIZIO television is fair.

In fact, this TV weighs less than most 75-inch televisions in the market. For example, the Samsung QN75Q60RAFXZA and LG 75UJ6470 weigh 38918.2 g and 41322.2 g respectively.

Therefore, I will be rating the VIZIO P75-F1 a nine out of ten in this design review section.

VIZIO P75-F1 Display Features Review

VIZIO P75-F1 Display Features Review

The VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a 75-inch LED display that offers a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. Thanks to this 4K resolution, the display will be able to render crisp, realistic, and detailed images.

In addition to its 4K resolution, this television’s display comes with a remarkable contrast ratio. To be more specific, the display has a native contrast ratio of 4,493:1.

What this means is that the display will be able to produce deep blacks. Therefore, you will enjoy watching movies with plenty of black scenes on VIZIO P75-F1.

For the record, contrast ratio is simply the ratio between the brightest white and darkest shade that a display can deliver. Impressively, despite its outstanding contrast ratio, the VIZIO P75-F1’s display also supports local dimming.

Briefly, local dimming is a method that LED/LED employs to boost their contrast and brightness by dimming backlight zones. Basically, with the help of local dimming, blacks on the display should look darker than they would without local dimming.

On the downside, the VIZIO P75-F1’s display offers terrible viewing angles. As a result, viewing the television off-center or from extreme angles will lead to the reduction of color accuracy.

In other words, colors may look somewhat washed out when viewing the television off-center. I know the viewing angles are disappointing but it is something expected from a VA display – the VIZIO P75-F1’s display is made with a VA panel.

On the bright side, this television’s display comes with a standard brightness of 461 nits. To be honest, this brightness is quite decent but it can be better.

That is where HDR (High Dynamic Range) comes in. To be more specific, the VIZIO P75-F1’s display supports HDR, a technique that improves a display’s brightness and color accuracy.

Therefore, when viewing HDR content on the television, colors will look more realistic and the brightness will increase to the maximum of 538 nits. For the record, HDR content can be found on online streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+.

That said, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a picture engine called Spatial Scaling Engine. What this Spatial Scaling Engine does is to upscale a standard HD content or movie to 4K resolution standard.

Essentially, when viewing HD content on the television, this picture engine will enhance the sharpness, color accuracy, and realisticness up to 4K resolution standard.

Moving on, the VIZIO P75-F1’s display features a semi-gloss coating that helps prevent reflection from the display. In addition to this semi-gloss coating, this display has a very impressive motion handling capability.

This is all thanks to the display’s fast response time of 10.8 milliseconds. Therefore, when watching fast-motion content like racing sports on the TV, there will be minimal to no blur trails.

In case you are curious, response time is the total amount of time that it takes a display to shift from one color to another.

Apart from being able to handle fast-motion content effectively, the VIZIO P75-F1’s display is very ideal for playing video games. This is due to the fact that the display comes with a low input lag of 15.3 milliseconds.

Briefly, input lag is the time between signal inputs and a display’s response. Moreover, a signal input can be either from a wireless gamepad or remote control.

Thus, the lower the input lag, the better the gaming experience.

In conclusion, apart from its poor viewing angles, the VIZIO P75-F1’s display offers excellent performance. Hence, in this display review section, I will rate the VIZIO P75-F1 a nine out of ten.

VIZIO P75-F1 Sound Features Review

The VIZIO P75-F1’s sound production isn’t the best you will get from a 4K television. To give more details, this television comes with a pair of built-in 10-watts speakers.

These speakers produce decent sound quality but they aren’t loud enough. They are only capable of filling a medium-sized or small room with sound.

To make things worse, the VIZIO P75-F1 doesn’t come with a subwoofer. Therefore, the television won’t be able to deliver enough bass.

As a result, you might not enjoy watching bass-heavy movies on the VIZIO P75-F1. Also, you won’t get to clearly hear the thumping and rumbling effects in movies when viewing the television.

On a positive note, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a sound technology called DTS TruVolume. This sound technology helps to improve the loudness, surround sounds, and overall sound quality of the television’s speakers.

Moreover, with the help of the DTS TruVolume sound technology, the television’s speakers should be able to produce clear dialogue. For the record, dialogue is a conversation between numerous characters in a movies or TV show.

On the downside, the VIZIO P75-F1’s speakers produce a noticeable level of distortion. This was proven via the television’s result on a THD test.

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is simply a test that measures the amount of distortion that sound equipment is capable of producing. Furthermore, according to this test, if a piece of sound equipment scores 1% or less, it produces minimal or no distortion.

However, the VIZIO P75-F1 delivered a score of 5.156% on the THD test, which is way above the 1% acceptable score. Therefore, when viewing loud movies or listening to loud songs on the television, there will be a significant amount of distortion.

For context, distortion means the deformation of sound frequencies, resulting in less-pleasant sound output.

In conclusion, the VIZIO P75-F1 offers a below-average sound performance. Therefore, to get a pleasant sound and viewing experience, I recommend you buy a soundbar alongside this television.

All in all, I will rate the VIZIO P75-F1 a seven out of ten in this sound review section.

VIZIO P75-F1 Port and Connectivity Features Review

VIZIO P75-F1 Port And Connectivity Features Review

In terms of ports and connectivity, the VIZIO P75-F1 offers an amazing number of ports. The only problem is that all the ports are housed on the back of the television.

Therefore, whenever the television is mounted on the wall, users might not be able to easily access the ports. With that being said, now let us discuss the types of ports that the VIZIO P75-F1 feature.

To start with, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a whopping five HDMI ports. One of these HDMI ports supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), which allows for easy connection with a soundbar.

In addition to its five HDMI ports, this television also features an Ethernet port, composite video input, an optical audio port, and an RF port. However, despite its large array of ports, this VIZIO television manages to feature only one USB port.

Also, this television lacks Bluetooth. On a positive note, the TV comes with a built-in dual-band 802.11ac WIFI for wireless internet connectivity.

As you would expect, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a remote. To give more details, this television features a basic (XRT136) remote included with most VIZIO televisions.

Moreover, this remote is of medium size and features a smooth black texture. Also, the remote comes with a full number pad at the bottoms, volume rockers, channel rockers, and a mute button.

In addition to these buttons, this remote also has a square-shaped navigation button. Moreover, the remote features dedicated buttons for quick access to Vudu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Xumo, Crackle, and iHeartRadio.

However, because it is a basic remote control, the VIZIO P75-F1’s remote doesn’t include a built-in microphone. Therefore, the remote doesn’t support voice control.

Hence, I will offer the VIZIO P75-F1 a rating of eight out of ten in this ports and connectivity review section.

VIZIO P75-F1 Smart Features Review

As one would expect from a VIZIO smart television, the VIZIO P75-F1 employs the SmartCast operating system. This operating system offers a basic yet straightforward interface.

However, this operating system’s interface lags a lot which makes navigation a pain in the back. On a positive note, the operating system is ad-free.

Therefore, you don’t get to see annoying ads pop up on your screen when trying to navigate the interface. Speaking of which, there are two rows at the bottom of this OS interface.

The first row contains recommended content for you to watch. The second row, on the other hand, features the pre-installed streaming services that the operating system has.

However, this operating system comes with a limited amount of streaming services. To be more specific, this OS features only 18 pre-installed streaming services.

These streaming services include VUDU, Netflix, Con TV, Xumo, Prime Video, Crackle, Haystack TV, and, iHeart Radio. Unfortunately, there is no way to download additional streaming services on this operating system because it lacks a built-in store, unlike Android TV.

On a positive note, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with an in-built Chromecast that enables you to stream/share content from your smart devices to the TV.

In conclusion, the VIZIO P75-F1 features an operating system that offers limited streaming apps and a laggy interface. Therefore, I will rate the VIZIO P75-F1 a seven out of ten in this smart review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

VIZIO P75-F1 Review Frequently Asked Questions
1. Does The VIZIO P75-F1 Support HDR?

Yes, the VIZIO P75-F1 supports HDR to enhance its picture quality.

2. What Year Was The VIZIO P75-F1 Released?

The VIZIO P75-F1 was released in 2018.

3. How Many HDMI Ports Does The VIZIO P75-F1 Have?

The VIZIO P75-F1 comes with five HDMI ports, one of which supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).

4. Does The VIZIO P75-F1 Have A Voice Remote?

No, it doesn’t. Instead, the VIZIO P75-F1 comes with a basic XRT136 remote.

5. Does The VIZIO P75-F1 Feature Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, the VIZIO P75-F1 doesn’t come with Bluetooth.

My Final Thoughts

The VIZIO P75-F1 is a 4K television that offers a sleek design as well as excellent picture quality. Moreover, this television is ideal for playing games and viewing fast-motion content.

This is due to the display’s low input lag and fast response time. However, this television features some major drawbacks including poor viewing angles and the lack of Bluetooth.

Also, the television’s operating system offers a limited amount of streaming apps. However, this television makes up for these flaws by featuring a large number of ports including five HDMI ports.

Therefore, if you are a gamer or movie lover in need of a 75-inch television, the VIZIO P75-F1 is worth considering.

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