UMIDIGI A5 Pro Review: Super Cameras and Great Looks

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By Olatunbosun Adesoye


My take on UMIDIGI A5 Pro


The UMIDIGI A5 Pro is definitely a smartphone to consider if you are on a tight budget. Its full HD display, premium build, long battery life, and impressive triple camera setup make it totally worth considering.



  • Triple camera system
  • Premium glass design
  • Long battery
  • Clear display
  • Slim bezels


  • No USB Type-C
  • No NFC

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: At First Glance

It is a bit rare to come across budget smartphones that look like high-end smartphones. The UMIDIGI A5 Pro is one of those budget smartphones that looks like a high-end smartphone.

Unlike many other budget smartphones that look like products of the bygone eras, this smartphone looks like it belongs in this decade. Its bezel-less display and its solid glass back covering are some of its current modern technology features.

To top it all, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro surprisingly features triple rear cameras, a full HD display, and an excellent design – these features seem to push the boundary for budget smartphones.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: Design, Dimension, and Weight

The UMIDIGI A5 Pro has a very beautiful design that will make you think the smartphone costs twice the actual price. From its crisp display to its impressive screen-to-body ratio of 92%, there’s a lot to like about this smartphone’s design.

In fact, there’s every tendency that you get wowed by the UMIDIGI A5 Pro when you see the smartphone once. Its design will leave you craving to own one.

The UMIDIGI A5 Pro comes in either breathing crystal or space gray colors. Both of these colors add to the sparkling beauty of the UMIDIGI A5 Pro.

Aside from the beauty of the UMIDIGI A5 Pro, you will equally be surprised at the build quality of the smartphone. The degree of craftsmanship that has been incorporated into the build of this smartphone is commendable.

This smartphone feels premium thanks to its solid build. Moreover, this smartphone’s back glass design pattern is a bit similar to some iPhone designs like the iPhone 4.

The solid glass back covering that houses the triple camera system, LED flash, and fingerprint sensor gives off some of kind luxurious feeling.

Although the glass design feels awesome, it could end up being a negative feature if you are prone to dropping your phone accidentally.

Going further into details, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro is perfectly fitted with a silver aluminum frame. The frame curves around the phone to enable a comfortable grip.

Besides, the 19:9 aspect ratio makes it more interesting to grab the UMIDIGI A5 Pro with one hand. Moreover, the smartphone’s slender structure is a big plus to how comfortable it is to hold.

Talking about size, the smartphone’s design is impressive considering its build quality. The UMIDIGI A5 Pro measures 156 x 75.9 x 8.2 mm and weighs 205 g.

The aluminum frame around the UMIDIGI A5 Pro features the power button and volume rockers on the right of the smartphone. On the left side, you will find the dual nano-SIM and microSD tray.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the UMIDIGI A5 Pro features a headphone jack, a microphone, a speaker, and a micro USB port. The micro USB is a bit disappointing as I would have loved to see the more modern USB-C port.

Nonetheless, the limitation of the USB port can be overlooked when you take a moment to consider the smartphone’s price point.

Overall, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro’s design is nothing short of excellent for its price point. Therefore, the smartphone scores an eight in this review.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: Display Features

Turning the UMIDIGI A5 Pro on will reveal the 6.3-inch LTPS display. This display has an FHD resolution of 2280 x 1080.

Being one of the most impressive features of the UMIDIGI A5 Pro, this display is amazing, to say the least. Its brightness and sharpness will make you instantly fall in love with the UMIDIGI A5 Pro.

Coupled with its notable 19:9 aspect ratio and the little waterdrop notch on the front-facing camera, you will be delighted at the structure of this display.

Furthermore, this display fills the smartphone almost completely leaving very slim bezels around it. In fact, this smartphone’s display makes other smartphones with slightly slim bezels look nearly outdated.

Also, viewing angles are remarkable as expected. There’s a good level of balance in its color representation. Reducing the display’s brightness a little below 100% makes the bezel blend smoothly with the display.

This feature adds to the premium feeling one gets with the UMIDIGI A5 Pro.

Whichever way you access and look at this smartphone’s display, you will be impressed. Hence, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro scores an eight in this review for its good display quality.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: Camera Features

The UMIDIGI A5 Pro features 3 rear cameras. The second camera on this smartphone is a 120-degree 8 MP wide-angle camera.

This triple camera is another selling point of the UMIDIGI A5 Pro. Moreover, seeing features that do not normally come outside of high-end smartphones in a budget smartphone is just really incredible.

As I stated earlier, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro features a fascinating 8 MP 120-degree ultra-wide lens – it is similar to the one fitted on the iPhone 11. However, this smartphone’s ultra-wide lens doesn’t offer the performance quality the iPhone 11 camera offers.

Nonetheless, it is possible to take very wide shots with the UMIDIGI A5 Pro.

Furthermore, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro uses a 16 MP primary camera that has a 28 mm focal length. This main camera is one to look out for.

It produces captures with clear details and natural colors.

Still on cameras, above the main camera, there’s a 5 MP camera for portrait captures and creating bokeh effects. This 5 MP camera is a depth-sensing lens, so it makes pictures look a bit unnatural.

Unlike the rear cameras, pictures taken with the front (selfie) camera seem a bit soft. The 16 MP (F2.0) front-facing camera produces better videos than pictures.

Overall, you might not be completely impressed by the cameras, but considering the price point, it is quite pleasing. Therefore, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro scores an eight in this review.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: Battery Life and Talk Time

The UMIDIGI A5 Pro comes with a 4150 mAh battery. This battery is quite big going by modern-day’s smartphone standards.

Owing to its weak CPU and a small amount of RAM, this battery offers an even better battery life. On a battery life test, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro lasted an entire day of browsing and casual gaming.

Although, it is important to note that the battery drains faster during long gaming sessions. Nonetheless, the battery will still be able to last through a day.

But then, you can expect the UMIDIGI A5 Pro to last for as long as 2 days of usage with occasional charging.

Compared to the iPhone X’s 2700 mAh battery, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro’s battery is about 50% bigger and lasts longer. Moreover, the charging speed of the UMIDIGI A5 Pro is relatively faster.

This is possible because the battery supports 10W fast charging technology. Although, the smartphone could have been supported with a 15W fast charging feature like other UMIDIGI phones.

Nonetheless, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro’s battery is good. Hence, it scores a seven in this review.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: Storage Options and Performance

The UMIDIGI A5 Pro comes with 32 GB internal storage. This storage space is impressive considering the fact that UMIDIGI A5 Pro is a budget smartphone.

Thanks to the large storage capacity, it will be easier to store files and documents. Moreover, it will be possible to install more apps of your choice.

However, running out of storage space will eventually be inevitable. After all, the smartphone’s operating system makes use of some of the internal storage.

Thankfully, UMIDIGI A5 Pro has provided a means to cater to the need for more storage space. In the event that you need more storage space, you can easily expand your storage with a microSD card.

To be specific, you can expand this smartphone’s storage with up to 256 GB microSD card.

As a result, if you usually store a lot of files, pictures, and documents, you will have little worries about running out of storage. Moreover, you will have enough internal storage space to install more apps.

In conclusion, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro scores an eight in this review for its adequate storage options.

UMIDIGI A5 Pro: Security Features and Sensors

Sensors are components used in mobile devices for the purpose of detecting changes in the environment and movement. Smartphone sensors convert environmental changes into electronic signals that can be processed by the smartphone.

The UMIDIGI A5 Pro comes with a collection of sensors to enhance user experience. The UMIDIGI A5 Pro features an accelerometer, ambient light, electronic compass, fingerprint, gyroscope, and proximity sensors.

To break it down, the accelerometer enables the UMIDIGI A5 Pro to automatically switch between landscape and portrait modes. It also helps the phone identify viewing orientation, and recognize motion gestures.

Furthermore, the ambient light automatically adjusts the screen brightness of the smartphone according to the amount of ambient light. This makes the screen more comfortable to look at.

Meanwhile, the electronic compass provides compass and map navigation functions to help locate positions more accurately. The electronic compass sensor help in detecting directions as a normal compass does.

In addition, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro also features a gyroscope. This sensor helps the smartphone phone to know which axis (Angles and Directions) it is using at that point in time in a very precise manner.

You also get a proximity sensor. This proximity sensor helps to detect the presence of nearby objects. One important application of this is when you are making a phone call – the proximity sensor detects your eyes and turns off the display.

Turning off the phone’s display during phone calls help save the battery.

Finally, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro features both a face unlock and a rear fingerprint reader. They are not very fast and sensitive as you would want them to be however, they are reliable nonetheless.

Overall, the UMIDIGI A5 Pro scores an eight in this review for its good selection of sensors.


The UMIDIGI A5 Pro is a fascinating smartphone. Its excellent build quality, coupled with its impressive display, and long battery life makes it absolutely worth considering.

Moreover, its high-end feature like the triple rear camera considerably sets the UMIDIGI A5 Pro apart from many budget smartphones.

I hope you found this UMIDIGI A5 Pro review helpful. If you found the review helpful, share your thoughts by responding to the “Was this page helpful?” question below.

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