LG UM7300PUA Review: Ideal for Both Gamers and Movie Lovers

Are you a fan of LG smart TVs and wondering which to purchase? If that’s the case, this LG UM7300PUA review should serve as a guide.

LG UM7300PUA Review A Great Performing TV For Both Gamers And Viewers
Itechguides' Take on LG UM7300PUA


The LG UM7300PUA is a 4K smart TV that delivers overall excellent performance and supports HDR. Additionally, this television has a low input lag that makes it suitable for gaming. However, the TV offers a poor contrast ratio.



  • Wide viewing angles
  • Great for gaming
  • Reasonable amount of ports
  • HDR
  • Magic remote control


  • Poor contrast ratio
  • Average peak brightness

This review contains every detail of the LG UM7300PUA that you’ll need to know. Hence, I will talk about the television’s features, such as the design, display, sound, ports and connectivity, and smart features.

Furthermore, I will be rating the LG UM7300PUA in each section on a scale of one to ten based on how well it performs. Besides, in various sections of this review article, you’ll get to know the strengths and downsides of this LG television.

Therefore, reading this review to the end should enlighten you enough to be able to make an informed purchase decision.

My Initial Thoughts

LG UM7300PUA Review: My Initial Thoughts

LG is one of the most popular television brands in the world. Its popularity is a result of its consistency in manufacturing excellent-performing televisions with innovative features.

To keep up with this impressive tradition, LG released the UM7300PUA in 2019. The LG UM7300PUA is a 65-inch smart television that offers a 4K display with an IPS panel.

However, this television is a bit pricey, costing around $999.99 in March 2022 (when this review article was published). You must be curious to find out whether or not the LG UM7300PUA actually worth this expensive price tag.

Well, to satisfy your curiosity, you need to read the remaining sections of this review.

LG UM7300PUA Design, Dimension, and Weight Review

Although the LG UM7300PUA features a basic design, it is still appealing to the eyes. To give a detailed description of the television’s design, I will start by saying it has fairly-thin bezels that surround its display screen.

These bezels are composed of plastic with a matte-black finish. However, the bottom bezel is a bit thicker than the others due to the white “LG” logo imprinted at the center.

This logo not only serves as a means of brand identification but also adds to the overall beauty of the television.

Turning to the back of the LG UM7300PUA, you will find a plain plastic panel with a matte-black finish. Furthermore, this back panel features a brushed texture that makes it really smooth and appealing when you run your hand through it.

Besides, you’ll find four holes at the center of this television’s back panel. These holes are meant to accommodate a 400 x 400 VESA mount for wall-mounting the LG UM7300PUA.

However, with an overall thickness of 88.9 mm, this television will surely bulge out and look awkward when wall-mounted. To add to the woes, the TV doesn’t feature any form of a cable management system.

Therefore, to ensure a neat setup, users will need to manually arrange cables connected to the television.

Having said that, the LG UM7300PUA comes with a pair of plastic V-shaped legs with a matte-black finish. Although made of plastic, these legs are very sturdy and provide enough support for the television to stand firmly.

However, the V-shaped legs are set far apart from each other as they sit at the extreme edges of the television. Hence, a large table will be needed to place the LG UM7300PUA if not mounted on the wall.

For the size and weight, the LG UM7300PUA measures 1463 x 88.9 x 850.9 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 21318.8 g. Impressively, when compared to most of its 65-inch competitors, this LG television weighs less.

For example, the TCL 65R615 weighs 23223.9 g, and the Sony XBR-65Z9F weighs 29500 g.

In conclusion, the LG UM7300PUA comes with a basic design that still looks good. However, this television is fairly thick and lacks a cable management system.

Therefore, I will rate the LG UM7300PUA a seven out of ten in this design review section.

LG UM7300PUA Display Features and Picture Quality Review

LG UM7300PUA Display Features And Picture Quality Review

The LG UM7300PUA boasts a 65-inch LED display that is made with an IPS panel. Moreover, this display comes with a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution.

As a result of this 4K UHD resolution, the display will be able to offer clear, realistic, and detailed images. Besides, a 4K UHD display is capable of delivering images that are 4 times clearer, sharper, and more colorful than a standard HD display.

That aside, due to the IPS panel, the LG UM7300PUA’s display offers wide viewing angles. Thus, pictures and colors will remain intact and won’t lose accuracy when watching the television from an extreme angle or off-center.

Hence, this LG television should be suitable for a large room setting. However, IPS panel displays are known for one major flaw which is poor contrast ratio.

Sadly, the LG UM7300PUA’s display isn’t an exception, as it offers a disappointing contrast ratio of 1105:1. As a result, the display will not be able to produce deep black as blacks will tend to look grayish.

Therefore, the LG UM7300PUA isn’t good for watching movies with plenty of dark or shadowy scenes. In case you are curious, contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks that a display can produce.

To further complicate issues, this television’s display fails to support local dimming, which would have made up for its poor contrast ratio. In brief, local dimming is a technique that dims backlight zones behind LCD/LED displays so as to enhance their black level.

Thus, had it been the LG UM7300PUA’s display supported local dimming, the blacks that it renders would have been darker. Unfortunately, the display doesn’t support local dimming.

On the plus side, this television’s display supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats such as HDR 10 and HLG. If you are wondering, HDR is a picture technique that boosts the brightness and color accuracy of a display.

Hence, images will appear more realistic and natural when watching HDR-supported content on the LG UM7300PUA. If you aren’t aware, HDR-supported content is mostly found on streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Regrettably, regardless of HDR, the LG UM7300PUA’s display offers an average peak brightness of 329 nits. Although this peak brightness is adequate for moderately-lit rooms, it isn’t enough to get an ideal viewing experience in bright or sunny environments.

Back to the good side, this television’s display handles reflection pretty well. This is due to the semi-gloss coating on its surface that prevent reflections and reduces the density of sun glares.

Hence, using the LG UM7300PUA in bright rooms should be less bothersome.

The LG UM7300PUA continues to impress as its display offers a low input lag of 11.6 milliseconds. In brief, input lag is the amount of time a display takes to react to signal inputs from external sources such as a wireless gamepad.

Besides, for a television to be deemed adequate for gaming, its display must have an input lag of 15 ms or less. Thus, with an input lag of 11.6 ms, the LG UM7300PUA is very suitable for gaming.

In addition to its gaming capability, this LG television is also good for watching fast-motion content. The reason is that its display offers a fast response time of 12.4 milliseconds.

Therefore, when watching fast-motion content on the TV, there will be little to no blur trails. Just so you know, examples of fast-motion content are sports or action movies.

On a quick note, response time is the time a display takes to change from one color to another.

In conclusion, the LG UM7300PUA delivers an exceptional display performance, offering wide viewing angles, low input lag, and HDR support. However, the television’s display suffers from poor contrast ratio and average brightness.

Nevertheless, I will be rating the LG UM7300PUA an eight out of ten in this display review section.

LG UM7300PUA Sound Features Review

For sound production, the LG UM7300PUA features a pair of 2 CH 20-watt speakers that produce decent sound quality. However, these speakers aren’t loud enough to fill a large room with sound.

Nevertheless, they should be able to conveniently fill a mid-sized or small room with sound. Sadly, the LG UM7300PUA doesn’t feature a subwoofer, meaning its speakers alone won’t be capable of producing enough bass.

Thus, movies that have lots of thumping and rumbling sounds won’t be ideal to watch on this TV. However, you can buy a soundbar with the television so as to get adequate bass production.

To make up for its lack of a subwoofer, LG includes a sound technology on this TV called DTS-HD. This sound technology enhances the loudness and surround sound production of the speakers.

Thereby allowing them to deliver a cinematic and immersive audio quality.

Aside from this excellent sound technology, the LG UM7300PUA also delivers an impressive distortion performance. To be more precise, this TV offers a good score of 0.6% on the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) test.

To make things clear, the THD test is an assessment that estimates the level of distortion a sound device can produce. Moreover, a score of 1% or less on this test implies that the sound device delivers a minimal amount of distortion.

On the other hand, a score above 1% indicates that the sound device produces a significant amount of distortion. Well, as seen above, the LG UM7300PUA’s score on the THD test is way below 1%.

Therefore, even at a maximum volume level, the television’s speakers will generate minimal distortion that may not be noticeable. For context, distortion is the alteration of the original audio frequencies of a sound device.

Thereby making the sound device produce undesirable sounds and unwanted noise.

That said, the LG UM7300PUA’s speakers are capable of producing clear, loud, and understandable dialogue. Thus, when watching a movie on the TV, you will be able to hear the conversation between multiple characters clearly.

All in all, I will be rating the LG UM7300PUA an eight out of ten in this sound features review section.

LG UM7300PUA Ports and Connectivity Features Review

LG UM7300PUA Ports And Connectivity Features Review

To start with, the LG UM7300PUA comes with a reasonable amount of ports on its back panel. To give more details, some of the ports are left-facing while the others are directly on the TV’s back.

Starting with the left-facing ports, this LG television offers two HDMI ports and one USB port. It is important to note that one of these HDMI ports supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).

Thus, with that specific ARC-HDMI port, users should be able to connect a soundbar to the LG UM7300PUA. For the ports directly on the television’s back, you’ll find an additional HDMI port and another USB port.

That’s not all; there is also a digital audio output, composite video input, RF connector, and Ethernet port. Meanwhile, for wireless connectivity, the LG UM7300PUA has a built-in 802.11 ac WIFI and Bluetooth 5.0.

The remote control is another form of input. In that regard, the LG UM7300PUA comes with LG’s magic remote control, as one would expect from a $900+ TV.

In terms of design, this remote has a plastic body and curved edges with a glossy-black finish. Furthermore, due to the large size of the remote, it features quite a number of rubber buttons.

To mention a few, the magic remote has a full number pad and a round-shaped navigation button. Impressively, this navigation button features a scroller at the center that makes navigation much easier.

That aside, you’ll find two dedicated buttons that sit below the navigation button. These dedicated buttons are for easy access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

As a magic remote, the LG UM7300PUA’s remote control offers a built-in microphone for voice input via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Besides, at the bottom part of the remote, there is an “LG” logo for brand recognition.

In summary, the LG UM7300PUA features a reasonable amount of ports and a voice-supported magic remote control. As a result, the LG UM7300PUA deserves nothing less than a nine out of ten in this ports and connectivity review section.

LG UM7300PUA Smart Features Review

As expected from an LG smart television, the LG UM7300PUA features an operating system called the webOS. This OS offers a user-friendly interface that is very smooth and easy to navigate.

Besides, this interface is lag-free and ad-free. Aside from that, the webOS comes with lots of popular streaming services and applications pre-loaded

A few of these pre-loaded apps and streaming services include YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and Disney+. Impressively, if these pre-loaded apps do not meet your demands, you can simply download more from the LG Content Store.

However, you need to be aware that the LG Content Store has limited apps compared to the Google Play Store or Samsung Store. Nonetheless, with the help of the LG Smart Share app, you should be able to stream/share multimedia content from your smartphone to the LG UM7300PUA.

Moreover, this application is totally free and available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Based on the facts above, I believe the LG UM7300PUA deserves a nine out of ten rating in this smart features review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

LG UM7300PUA Review Frequently Asked Questions
1. When Was The LG UM7300PUA Released?

The LG UM7300PUA was released in 2019.

2. How Many HDMI Ports Does The LG UM7300PUA Have?

The LG UM7300PUA comes with three HDMI ports, including one that supports ARC (Audio Return Channel).

3. Is The LG UM7300PUA Good For Gaming?

Thanks to its display’s low input lag of 11.6 ms, the LG UM7300PUA is suitable for gaming.

4. Does The LG UM7300PUA Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the LG UM7300PUA features Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity.

5. How Much Is The LG UM7300PUA?

The LG UM7300PUA had a starting price of $999.99 when I published this review in March 2022.

My Final Thoughts

The LG UM7300PUA is a feature-rich 4K smart television that delivers an overall excellent performance. To give more details, the display of this television has wide viewing angles and also supports HDR.

That’s not all; the television is good for gaming due to its display’s low input lag. Also, the LG UM7300PUA comes with a brilliant OS that offers lots of pre-loaded popular streaming apps.

Moreover, the television also comes with a voice-supported remote and a reasonable amount of ports. However, this LG television lacks in some major areas, such as the brightness and contrast ratio.

Nevertheless, these flaws are nothing compared to the exceptional features the TV offers. Thus, if you desire an adequate 65-inch television, you don’t need to look further because the LG UM7300PUA is up for the task.

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