LG UK6190 Review: A 75-inch TV for Gamers

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By James Namo


My take on LG UK6190


The LG UK6190 is an amazing 4K resolution smart TV with decent display performance. Furthermore, the television is an excellent choice for gaming thanks to its low input lag. However, the TV lacks Bluetooth, and its peak brightness isn’t impressive.



  • Wide viewing angles
  • Decent number of ports
  • Low input lag
  • Adequate operating system
  • TruMotion 120


  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • Mediocre contrast ratio
  • Poor peak brightness

LG UK6190: At First Glance

Have you ever wondered about the history of the brand name – LG? Initially, LG stands for Lucky-GoldStar, however, the company rebranded and changed the slogan to “Life’s Good” in 1995.

Moreover, ever since it was rebranded, LG has become one of the leading television manufacturers in the world. Therefore, LG can readily boast as a worthy competitor to other top television brands like Samsung and Sony.

Indeed, LG has made “life good” for its users by releasing television models that aren’t just affordable but adequate. So, in 2018, the company released the LG UK6190, one of their 4K mid-range televisions with numerous features and adequate performance.

If you would like to know all there is about this LG television, then I suggest you read on.

LG UK6190: Design, Dimension, and Weight

To start with, the LG UK6190 comes with a slim and attractive design. Playing a significant role in the attractiveness of this TV are the slim bezels that surround its display.

These bezels are built with plastic and feature a glossy-black finish. Despite the bezels’ slimness, the bottom bezel manages to house an “LG” logo at the center.

For support on tables or desks, the LG UK6190 comes with a pair of legs. The top parts of these legs are made of plastic, while everything else is metal.

Thankfully, the legs are quite sturdy and support the television with little to no wobble. However, the legs span almost the entire length of the television.

Thus, you’ll need a fairly large surface, table, or desk to place the LG UK6190 on.

Moving around to the backside of the LG UK6190, it features a metal back panel. Despite being metallic, the back panel is not solid and might dent if pressure is applied.

Furthermore, the back panel features a plain black finish and lacks a cable management system. Therefore, the inputs and power source cable at the back of the TV might be in disarray.

Having talked about the provision available for placing the LG UK6190 on a desk, let’s also discuss mounting it on the wall. To do this, you can take advantage of the 600 x 400 VESA holes at the back of the TV.

Fortunately, due to the slimness of the television’s back panel, the TV should look good on the wall if wall-mounted.

For dimensions and weight, the LG UK6190 measures 1694.1 x 88.9 x 977.9 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 34,609.1 g. Comparatively, the LG UK6190 is slightly heavier than the VIZIO P75-F1 but less heavy than the LG 75UJ6470.

Precisely, the compared televisions above weigh 34,200 g and 41,322.2 g respectively.

In summary, the LG UK6190 has an impressive design with a slim build. Therefore, I’ll be rating the television an eight out of ten in this design review section.

LG UK6190: Display Features and Picture Quality

The LG UK6190 delivers amazing picture quality, thanks to its 75-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution display. Moreover, a 4K resolution display can deliver four times the quality of an FHD resolution display.

Besides, the LG UK6190’s 4K display has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means that it can update images 60 times in a second. The implication is that the 60Hz refresh rate helps the display handle motion smoothly.

In addition to that, the television’s display also comes with TruMotion 120 to further boost its refresh rate. What TruMotion 120 does is double the refresh rate of the display to produce a better motion performance.

Another display feature we will consider in this review section is the contrast ratio. For better understanding, the contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and the darkest shades a display can produce.

That said, the LG UK6190’s display offers a poor contrast ratio of 1,313:1 which is below the standard value of 3000:1. As a result, the display will be unable to produce deep blacks.

In other words, blacks on the display will tend to look grayish. Therefore, the LG UK6190 isn’t ideal for dark room viewing or watching movies with lots of dark scenes.

To add to the woes, the LG UK6190’s display doesn’t support local dimming, which is a technique that enhances a display’s contrast ratio. To give more details, local dimming enhances a display’s contrast ratio by dimming the backlight zones.

Therefore, with local dimming, blacks on the display will be darker than they would without local dimming. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, the LG UK6190’s display doesn’t support local dimming.

Moving on, if you watch TV in a well-lit room, then it is important that your television produces enough brightness. Unfortunately, the LG UK6190’s display is also lacking in this aspect.

To be more specific, the display offers a peak brightness of just 266 nits. As a result, the LG UK6190 isn’t ideal for usage in a well-lit or bright room

Notwithstanding, the display’s peak brightness is just enough for you to enjoy viewing the television in a dark or moderately-lit room.

Moreover, the inadequate display brightness of the LG UK6190 can be attributed to its IPS panel. Specifically, the television’s display is made with an IPS panel, which allows a display to deliver poor brightness but wide viewing angles.

Thus, LG UK6190’s display has wide viewing angles thanks to its IPS panel. As a result, the display won’t lose picture quality or accuracy even when viewing the television from the sides or off-center.

Another good thing about the LG UK6190’s display is that it can effectively handle reflection. This is a result of the semi-gloss coating on the display’s surface that prevents reflections and sun glares.

In addition to its impressive reflection handling, the LG UK6190’s display supports HDR (High Dynamic Range). For clarity, HDR is a picture technique that improves the brightness and color accuracy of a display when viewing HDR-supported content.

For the record, HDR-supported content is mostly found on streaming apps such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.

Moving on, for a television to be referred to as a gaming TV, it needs to have some features. Speaking of these features, let us begin with the response time.

Response time refers to the time taken for a display to change from one color to another. So, the LG UK6190’s display recorded an impressive response time of 15.3 ms.

Thus, the LG UK6190 is ideal for viewing fast-motion content like video games, action movies, and sports.

Another factor that determines the gaming ability of a TV is the input lag of its display. For better understanding, input lag refers to the time it takes a display to register a signal input from external sources like a wireless gamepad.

Thus, a low input lag is an essential criterion for gaming. Thankfully, the LG UK6190’s display measured an input lag of 10.8 ms, which is low enough for gaming.

Therefore, thanks to its impressive response time and low input lag, the LG UK6190 is ideal for gaming.

In summary, the LG UK6190 features a decent display performance. Moreover, the television’s display offers a low input lag and an impressive response time, which makes the television suitable for gaming.

Putting these into consideration, I will rate this LG UK6190 an eight out of ten in this display review section.

LG UK6190: Sound Features

The LG UK6190 comes with 2 channel 10-watts speakers with a total sound output of 20-watts. Moreover, 20-watts of sound output is quite sufficient and loud, except you are far from the television.

In addition to its sufficient sound production, the LG UK6190’s speaker also produces a decent amount of bass. Although the bass is not like what you would get from a soundbar, it is pretty decent for a TV.

Moreover, considering that the television lacks a subwoofer, its bass production is quite impressive. However, if you are a “bass person”, I suggest you purchase a soundbar with the LG UK6190 to get an adequate amount of bass.

Moving on, the LG UK6190’s speakers are capable of producing clear and understandable dialogue sound. Dialogue sound in this context is used to describe the conversation between various characters in TV shows, movies, etc.

Apart from its speakers’ impressive dialogue production, the LG UK6190 features some sound technologies that further boost its sound performance. First, the television comes with Ultra Surround, which allows its speakers to deliver outstanding surround sound.

Another advantage of the Ultra Surround sound technology is that it helps to reduce distortion in the TV’s sound production. For clarity, distortion is the alteration in the original sound produced by a sound device.

Therefore, allowing the sound device to deliver less-appealing sound quality. Thankfully, due to the Ultra Surround, distortion on the LG UK6190 isn’t noticeable or audible at an average or maximum volume level.

Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain the THD (Total Harmonic Sound) test result of the television to further prove its distortion performance.

Having said that, let us now talk about the second sound technology that the LG UK6190 features – the DTS-HD. DTS-HD is a surround sound format that can deliver an eight-channel-like kind of surround sound.

This implies that the DTS-HD can help the LG UK6190 produce a theatre-like and cinematic sound quality. Thereby, improving the loudness and sound production of the television’s speakers.

All things considered, I will rate the LG UK6190 an eight out of ten in this sound review section.

LG UK6190: Ports and Connectivity Features

LG equipped the UK6190 with a good number of ports which are all located on its back. To give more details, the ports are grouped into two sections on the television’s back.

Specifically, some ports are directly on the television’s back while some are facing the left side.

Moreover, the left-facing ports include two HDMI ports, one of which is ARC-compatible. Therefore, using the ARC (Audio Return Channel)-compatible HDMI port, you will be able to connect a soundbar to the LG UK6190.

Apart from the HDMI ports, you will also find a USB port among the left-facing ports. Meanwhile, directly on the TV’s back, you will find another HDMI port and a second USB port.

In addition to that, there is a component in (composite shared) port and optical digital audio out. That’s not all, the LG UK6190 also features an Ethernet port directly on its back.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the LG UK6190 is equipped with a built-in 802.11 ac WiFi. Unfortunately, the television doesn’t come with Bluetooth.

Having talked about the ports and wireless connectivity of this television, let’s discuss its remote control. To begin with, the LG UK6190 comes with a standard LG (AKB75375604) remote control.

This remote is built with plastic and has a matte-black finish. Although the remote doesn’t feature a built-in mic for voice input, it has quite a number of buttons.

Some of these buttons include the power, selection, search, settings, and numerical buttons located at the top part of the remote. Moreover, you will also find a volume and channel rocker, a plus-shaped navigation button, and a mute button on the remote.

Unfortunately, unlike the remotes of most smart televisions, the LG UK6190’s remote control lacks dedicated buttons for streaming apps like Netflix. However, at the bottom of the remote, you find a beautiful “LG” logo for brand recognition.

Overall, the LG UK6190 features a good amount of ports and a basic remote control with lots of functional buttons. Therefore, this television deserves an eight out of ten rating in this section.

LG UK6190: Smart Features

The LG UK6190 comes with an operating system called webOS. This operating system is owned by LG and obviously used by most LG smart televisions.

Furthermore, the OS features an easy-to-use user-friendly interface that is very seamless to navigate. However, you will find a slanty panel of suggested ads at the left part of the interface.

Nevertheless, the operating system features some pre-installed apps and streaming services on the button of its interface. These apps include big names like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Google Play Movies.

In the event that you are not satisfied with the available pre-installed apps, you can download more from LG’s Content Store.

Other features that the LG UK6190’s webOS comes with include a full web browser and Content share. The full web browser allows users to surf the internet conveniently with the television and the remote control.

Meanwhile, the Content share, as the name suggests, allows users to share content from their smart devices to the television via an in-built Miracast.

All in all, I will be rating the LG UK6190 a nine out of ten in this smart features review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the LG UK6190 have Bluetooth?

No, the LG UK6190 lacks Bluetooth.

2. How much does the LG UK6190 weigh?

The LG UK6190 weighs 34609.1 g.

3. What does LG stand for?

The original meaning of LG was Lucky-GoldStar. However, in 1995, the company rebranded and changed the slogan to “Life’s Good” which has become synonymous with the company’s name.

4. How good is the LG UK6190 TV?

The LG UK6190 is a good 4K resolution smart television with decent picture quality. Furthermore, the television has a good design and features a decent amount of ports.

Apart from that, the television is ideal for gaming thanks to its display’s low input lag and fast response time. However, the TV features a few shortcomings which include its poor display brightness and mediocre contrast ratio.

5. How many HDMI ports does the LG UK6190 have?

The LG UK6190 comes with three HDMI ports.


The LG UK6190 is a good 4K smart television with decent picture quality. Furthermore, the television’s display has wide viewing angles thanks to its IPS panel.

Besides, the display features a low input lag and a fast response time. Thus, the television is ideal for playing video games.

Also, the LG UK6190 comes with a good number of ports and the webOS that offers lots of pre-installed streaming services. Unfortunately, the television has poor brightness and lacks Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, if you can overlook its flaws, I suggest you consider the LG UK6190.

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