Hisense 55DU6500 Review: Top Quality and Feature-rich TV!

Are you yet to come across a Hisense television with top-quality features? If that’s the case, you should read this Hisense 55DU6500 review.

Hisense 55DU6500 Review Top Quality And Rich Features
Itechguides' Take on Hisense 55DU6500


The Hisense 55DU6500 is a smart TV that has an impressive 55-inch LED display with a 4K UHD resolution. This TV produces pleasant sound and offers good picture quality. However, despite the impressive features it offers, the Hisense 55DU6500 lacks Bluetooth.



  • Remarkable display performance
  • Impressive speakers
  • Cable management
  • Outstanding smart features
  • Great numbers of ports


  • No Bluetooth
  • Not ideal for gamers

In this review, I will be giving you a clear and broad detail regarding all that the Hisense 55DU6500 has to offer. To accomplish this, I’ll go over the features of the television such as its display, design, ports and connectivity, sound, and smart features.

Ultimately, this review will assist you in making the best purchase decision. Thus, ensure you read this review article to the end to obtain all the information it has to offer.

My Initial Thoughts

Hisense 55DU6500 Review My Initial Thoughts

Hisense was founded in China in the year 1969, and they have gone on to become a globally recognized brand since then. In fact, they have become a brand you can call one of the best in the world when it comes to TV production.

The TV being reviewed in this article is one of Hisense’s top-quality TV – the Hisense 55DU6500. As a top-quality TV, the Hisense 55DU6500 comes with some major features.

A few of these features include impressive speakers, an outstanding 4K display, and Andriod TV OS. However, this television is somewhat pricey, with a price tag of $986.72 – valid as of December 2021 when I wrote this review.

Now the main question is, does this television actually worth its price tag? To find out, read on!

Hisense 55DU6500 Design, Dimension, and Weight Review

Hisense TVs, expensive or affordable, have been known to feature appealing designs. Thankfully, the Hisense 55DU6500 is not an exemption.

To give more details, the Hisense 55DU6500 features a plastic chassis with a smooth matte-black finish. Moreover, the display of this television is framed by moderately-sized dark-grey bezels.

Furthermore, on the center of the bottom bezel, there is a white “Hisense” logo.

Moving on, the Hisense 55DU6500 comes with two V-shaped feet. These feet are made of plastic and feature a black finish.

Additionally, the feet are very sturdy and support the television very well.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to make use of the feet, you can wall-mount this TV. Specifically, there are four VESA mount-compatible holes on the back of the TV, which you can use to mount the TV.

Sadly, the back of the television is somewhat thick. Hence, when wall-mounted, the Hisense 55DU6500 will stick out of the wall.

On a positive note, there are tracks and clips on the back of this television for cable management. Also, the back of the TV looks appealing with a smooth black finish.

That said, now let us talk about the dimension and weight of the Hisense 55DU6500. This television measures 1244.6 x 83.8 x 721.3 mm and weighs 16420.04 g.

For a 55-inch television, the weight of this TV is fair. However, when compared to the TCL 55US57, the Hisense 55DU6500 weighs more.

To be more specific, the TCL 55US57 weighs 14378.8 g and measures 1244.6 x 88.9 x 721.3 mm.

In conclusion, the Hisense 55DU6500 features a design one would expect from a $500+ TV. Impressively, this television features cable management that we rarely see on TVs in its price range.

Therefore, I will be rating the Hisense 55DU6500 a nine out of ten in this design review section.

Hisense 55DU6500 Display Features Review

Hisense 55DU6500 Display Features Review

The Hisense 55DU6500 comes with a 55-inch LED display that offers a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. Being a display with 4K resolution, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display should be able to deliver clear and colorful content.

Impressively, this display is made with two display panels which are the IPS and VA. The IPS panel (in-plan switching panel) allows the Hisense 55DU6500’s display to offer excellent viewing angles.

Therefore, when viewing the Hisense 55DU6500 from the sides or any angles, the display’s picture quality will remain accurate. As a result, the Hisense 55DU6500 is ideal for a large room setting.

That said, thanks to the VA (vertical alignment) panel, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display offers an outstanding contrast ratio. To give more details, this television’s display comes with a 24,775:1 contrast ratio, which is one of the highest contrast ratios you will see on a LED display.

For clarity, contrast ratio is the ratio between the brightest white and the deepest black that a display can produce. Moreover, a high contrast ratio means the display can produce deep blacks.

Thus, with a contrast ratio as high as 24,775:1, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display sure will be able to produce deeply-rich blacks. As a result, the Hisense 55DU6500 is an ideal television to use in a dark room.

Also, movies with plenty of shadowy or dark scenes will be a joy to watch on the Hisense 55DU6500.

Moving on, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display supports HDR. HDR or High dynamic range is a picture technique that enhances the contrast and picture quality of a display when rendering HDR-supported content.

For clarity, HDR-supported content is mostly found on streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to supporting HDR, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display has an impressive maximum brightness of 734 nits. As a result, even when viewing the Hisense 55DU6500 in sunny or well-lit environments, the content on the display will be bright enough to see clearly.

That said, if you love watching sports, action movies, or fast-motion content in general, you will appreciate the Hisense 55DU6500. This is because this television’s display comes with a fast response time of 5.1 milliseconds.

Briefly, response time is the amount of time it takes for a display to transition from one color to another. Thus, due to the Hisense 55DU6500’s display’s extremely-fast 5.1 milliseconds response time, blur trails will be minimal when viewing fast-motion content.

However, there is a particular area where the Hisense 55DU6500’s display falls short. To be more specific, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display doesn’t have a low input lag, which makes it unsuitable for gaming.

To give more details, the display comes with an input lag of 51 ms, which is practically too high for gaming. If you are wondering, input lag is the time it takes a display to receive a signal input.

Furthermore, an input lag of 10 milliseconds or less is required for an ideal gaming experience. Unfortunately, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display’s input lag is miles above 10 milliseconds.

In conclusion, the Hisense 55DU6500’s display has all the features to give viewers a premium viewing experience. However, gamers won’t particularly love this television due to its display’s relatively high input lag.

Notwithstanding, the Hisense 55DU6500 is deserving of a nine out of ten rating in this display features review section.

Hisense 55DU6500 Sound Features Review

For sound production, the Hisense 55DU5600 employs a pair of 10-watt speakers. These speakers produce impressive sound quality.

Additionally, these speakers are very loud to the extent that they can fill a large room with sound. However, the speakers don’t produce much bass due to the absence of a subwoofer.

On a more positive note, the Hisense 55DU6500’s speakers produce clear and accurate dialogue. Briefly, dialogue is the sound generated when two or more people are talking in a TV show or movie.

In addition to its clear dialogue production, the Hisense 55DU6500’s speakers produce minimal distortion. To give more details, even at the maximum volume, distortion is so minimal not everyone might hear it.

Impressively, at the moderate volume level, around 70% or below, distortion is inaudible on the television’s speakers.

If you’re wondering what distortion means, in this context, distortion refers to the deformation of an audio signal’s output. To put it another way, distortion changes the way a speaker produces sound, making it less pleasant.

In conclusion, although the Hisense 55DU6500’s speakers don’t produce much bass, it delivers clear dialogue. Also, the distortion performance of these speakers is top-notch.

Additionally, the television’s speakers are loud enough to fill a large room with sound. Therefore, there is nothing stopping me from rating the Hisense 55DU6500 a nine out of ten in this sound review section.

Hisense 55DU6500: Port and Connectivity Features Review

Hisense 55DU6500 Port And Connectivity Features Review

In this section, I will be highlighting the ports that the Hisense 55DU6500 has to offer.

The Hisense 55DU6500 offers a wide range of port and connectivity options. However, the ports are all on the left side of the TV’s back.

Therefore, if the Hisense 55DU6500 is wall-mounted, accessing the ports will be somehow difficult.

That said, the Hisense 55DU6500 offers three HDMI ports. Unfortunately, none of these HDMI ports supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), which allows you to connect a soundbar.

Although there are other ways to connect a soundbar to the TV, using an ARC-HDMI port is by far the easiest. On a positive note, there are two USB ports on the Hisense 55DU6500.

Also, the television features an Ethernet port, an AV port, an RCA component video input, and an RCA composite video input. In terms of wireless connectivity, the Hisense 55DU6500 has a built-in 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WIFI.

Surprisingly, this television doesn’t come with Bluetooth. Considering the television’s price, the lack of Bluetooth is a major flaw.

This is because even some inexpensive televisions come with Bluetooth, even though it isn’t the latest version.

Enough with the lack of Bluetooth issue; now let us talk about the included remote control. The Hisense 55DU6500 features a portable remote with a matte-black finish.

At the center of this remote, there is a circle-shaped navigational button. Moreover, above this remote control, you will find a full number pad.

Also, very close to the bottom of the remote, there are six dedicated buttons for quick access to streaming apps. These streaming apps include Tubi, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Peacock.

Impressively, this remote has an in-built microphone at the top. Therefore, it supports voice control via Google Assistant.

To use this voice control feature, you have to hold down the Google Assistant button located below the circular navigational button. Then, you speak into the in-built microphone.

In conclusion, although the Hisense 55DU6500 features a good port selection, its ports aren’t easily accessed. Also, the television lacks Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, the television makes up for these flaws by including a voice remote control. As a result, I will rate the Hisense 55DU6500 an eight out of ten in this port and connectivity features review section.

Hisense 55DU6500 Smart Features Review

Just like most Hisense smart TVs, the Hisense 55DU6500 employs the Android TV operating system. However, unlike the higher-end newer Hisense smart TVs, the Hisense 55DU6500’s Android TV OS is version 9.0.

This Android TV OS version 9.0 offers a smooth, bug-free, and responsive interface. Also, as expected, this operating system comes with quite a number of streaming apps.

A few major steaming apps you will find on this OS include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Disney+. Moreover, if you wish to install more streaming apps on this OS, you can easily download them from the Google Play store.

Impressively, the Android TV OS supports Apple AirPlay, which allows you to stream content from your iOS devices to the Hisense 55DU6500 TV.

That said, the Android TV OS on the Hisense 55DU6500 supports Google Assistant voice input. Thus, using the television’s remote, you can select apps and obtain general information, such as weather reports using your voice.

In conclusion, although the Android TV OS on the Hisense 55DU6500 isn’t the latest version, it is very functional. Also, the interface of the operating system is user-friendly and the OS offers major streaming apps.

Hence, I will rate the Hisense 55DU6500 a nine out of ten in this smart features review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hisense 55DU6500 Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is The Hisense 55DU6500 A Smart TV?

Yes, it is. The Hisense 55DU6500 comes with an impressive smart TV operating system called Android TV.

This operating system offers major streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube.

2. When Was The Hisense 55DU6500 Released?

The Hisense 55DU6500 was released in 2018.

3. Is The Hisense 55DU6500 Made In China?

Yes, the Hisense 55DU6500 was made in China.

4. How Long Do Hisense TVs Last?

Hisense TVs are said to last about seven years. However, how long a Hisense TV would actually last depends on how you use it.

5. What Is The Price Of The Hisense 55DU6500 Television?

The Hisense 55DU6500 had a price tag of $986.72 as of December 2021 when I wrote this review.

6. Is Hisense A Chinese Company?

They are, indeed. Hisense is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that has a headquarter in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

7. Does The Hisense 55DU6500 Have Bluetooth?

Sadly, the Hisense 55DU6500 doesn’t have Bluetooth.

8. Are All Hisense Televisions Smart Televisions?

Yes, they are. In the United States, all Hisense TVs use either the ROKU TV smart TV operating system or the Android TV operating system. Streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney Plus are available on these operating systems.

9. How Many USB Ports Does The Hisense 55DU6500 Have?

The Hisense 55DU6500 features two USB ports.

10. How Much Does The Hisense 55DU6500 Weigh?

The Hisense 55DU6500 weighs 16420.04 g.

My Final Thoughts

With all honesty, I believe the Hisense 55DU6500 is worth more than its $986.72 price tag. There is literally nothing to hate about this television except for its lack of Bluetooth.

Basically, this television features a 4K display that offers exceptional picture quality, good maximum brightness, and wide viewing angles. Also, the TV comes with impressive speakers for delivering high-quality audio.

That’s not all; this television also has quite a number of ports. Moreover, the television’s Android TV OS offers the majority of the popular streaming apps, including Netflix.

Overall, if you need a performing 4K smart TV, the Hisense 55DU6500 is the one for you!

I hope you found this Hisense 55DU6500 review helpful. If you found the review helpful, share your thoughts by replying to its topic at Itechguides Community.

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