75UK6570AUA Review: An Outstanding LG 4K Smart TV

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By Oduleye Solomon


My take on 75UK6570AUA


The LG 75UK6570AUA is an outstanding 4K smart TV that offers a sharp, clear, and colorful display. Moreover, this TV’s display comes with HDR picture technology and an IPS panel for wide viewing angles. However, the TV features some speakers that produce a significant amount of distortion.



  • HDR compatibility
  • Decent number of port
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Good refresh rate


  • Poor contrast ratio
  • Lacks local dimming feature
  • Poor distortion performance

75UK6570AUA: At First Glance

Over the years, LG has found its way right to the top among the best TV brands globally. To further increase their collection in the TV market, LG introduced the 75UK6570AUA in 2018.

The LG 75UK6570AUA, which is part of the brand’s Super UHD TV Series, is a TV that comes with so many amazing features. One of these features includes the in-plane switching (IPS) panel which provides decent viewing angles for the TV’s display.

Aside from that, this television delivers a decent performance that I believe both movie lovers and gamers would love. However, with a price tag of $2,999.99 (price valid as of January 2022 when I wrote this review), the LG 75UK6570AUA is pretty expensive.

Now the question is does this television offer enough features that can make buyers overlook its heavy price tag? Well, there is only one way to find out, which is to read on!

75UK6570AUA: Design, Dimension, and Weight

As one would expect from a top-notch television brand, the LG 75UK6570AUA comes with a sleek design and good build quality. To give more details, this television features somewhat thin bezels that border its display screen.

These bezels come with a glossy-black finish that gives the television a really appealing look. Moreover, despite being so thin, LG still manages to imprint its logo at the center of the bottom bezel.

That said, like most modern TVs, the LG 75UK6570AUA comes with two metal V-shaped legs. Due to the metal build of these legs, they should support the television pretty well.

However, that doesn’t mean the TV won’t wobble if you push it with force. Besides that, these legs are widely placed across the bottom left and right edges of the LG 75UK6570AUA.

What this basically means is that you would need a fairly large table to place the TV if you aren’t planning on wall-mounting it.

Moving on to the rear, you will find a solid metal panel at the back of the LG 75UK6570AUA. Unlike the bezels, this metal back panel features a matte-black finish.

However, despite the television’s expensive price tag, there is no form of cable management on this back panel. To make things even worse, this back panel is very thick.

Therefore, when wall-mounted, the LG 75UK6570AUA will look somewhat awkward. Basically, the TV will bulge out significantly if mounted on the wall.

Moving on to the dimension and weight of the LG 75UK6570AUA, this television measures 1694.1 x 88.9 x 977.9 mm (W x D x H) and weighs a massive 34609.1 g. I know with this weight, this television is somewhat heavy, but what else do you expect from a 75-inch television?

Comparatively, the LG 75UK6570AUA is heavier than the Samsung 7 Series. To give more details, the 75-inch Samsung 7 Series weighs 30400 g and measures 1673 x 188 x 1083 mm (W x D x H).

In conclusion, the LG 75UK6570AUA TV comes with a great design and impressive metal build quality. However, the television’s design has a few drawbacks such as its weight and lack of cable management.

As a result, I will rate the LG 75UK6570AUA an eight out of ten in this design review section.

75UK6570AUA: Display Features

Most modern, high-end TVs feature displays with 4K resolution. Well, as a modern TV itself, an expensive one if I may add, this is exactly what the LG 75UK6570AUA offers.

To be more specific, the LG 75UK6570AUA features a 75-inch LED display with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. Since this television’s display features 4K resolution, it should be able to deliver realistic and colorful pictures.

Besides, a 4K resolution display is about 4 times better than the regular High-Definition (HD) resolution display. In addition to its 4K resolution, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s 75-inch display is constructed with an IPS panel.

This IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel allows this 75-inch display to offer wide viewing angles. Therefore, when viewing the LG 75UK6570AUA off-center, the display’s color accuracy/picture quality will stay intact without reduction.

Asides from its IPS panel, this television’s display also supports HDR in HDR10 and HLG formats. Wondering what HDR means?

HDR is a picture technology also known as High Dynamic Range. Furthermore, this picture technology allows a display to increase its contrast and brightness when viewing HDR-compatible content.

Just in case you are wondering, HDR-compatible content is mostly found on streaming apps such as Disney+, and Netflix.

Unfortunately, despite its HDR compatibility and almighty IPS panel, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s 75-inch display has a poor contrast ratio. To be more specific, this TV’s display comes with a contrast ratio of 1,313:1.

Briefly, contrast ratio is the ratio between a display’s brightest shade and its darkest shade. Furthermore, a display’s contrast ratio is the main factor that determines if the display will be able to produce deep blacks.

Regrettably, due to the fact that the LG 75UK6570AUA’s display has a poor contrast ratio, it won’t be able to produce deep blacks. Basically, the blacks that the display renders will tend to look more like gray.

As a result, I suspect some users won’t find it appealing when viewing movies with lots of dark scenes on the LG 75UK6570AUA. To make things worse, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s display doesn’t support local dimming, which is a technique that would have enhanced its contrast ratio.

On a positive note, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s display offers a decent maximum brightness of 325 nits. Although this brightness is not exceptional, it is decent enough to allow users to enjoy viewing movies on the TV in moderately-lit areas.

Moving on, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s display comes with a response time of 15.3 milliseconds. The response time of a display is the amount of time that it takes the display to change from one color to another.

Therefore, thanks to its display’s fast response time of 15.3 ms, say goodbye to eye straining while watching fast-motion content on the LG 75UK6570AUA. Basically, there will be minimal blur trails when viewing fast-motion content like sports or action movies on this TV.

Aside from being perfect for viewing fast-motion content, the LG 75UK6570AUA is also ideal for playing video games. This is all thanks to its display’s low input lag of 10.9 milliseconds.

Input lag is the amount of time that it takes a display to register a signal input. Moreover, for an ideal gaming experience, a display’s input lag must be 15 milliseconds or less.

Basically, the lower the input lag, the better the gaming experience. Thankfully, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s display’s 10.9 ms input lag is low enough for users to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience.

In conclusion, asides from the contrast ratio, there is practically nothing to hate about the LG 75UK6570AUA’s display. Therefore, in this display review section, I will rate the LG 75UK6570AUA an eight out of ten.

75UK6570AUA: Sound Features

Another relevant department that makes viewing more exciting on the LG 75UK6570AUA is the sound department. This is because the television features amazing speakers as well as some outstanding sound technologies.

To start with, the LG 75UK6570AUA features a pair of 20-watt in-built speakers. These speakers are very loud and they produce impressive sound quality.

In order to enhance the sound production of these speakers, the LG 75UK6570AUA comes with a sound technology called DTS-HD Master Audio. DTS-HD Master Audio is a lossless multi-channel audio codec created by DTS.

Furthermore, this sound technology enhances the sound frequencies that a speaker or sound system produces. Therefore, resulting in the speaker or sound system delivering high-definition digital surround sound as well as optimized audio quality.

Moreover, with the help of the DTS-HD Master Audio, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s speakers produce clear dialogue. Thus, viewers will be able to hear clearly the discussion between two or more people in a TV show or film.

Unfortunately, because this television lacks a subwoofer, its speakers aren’t powerful enough to produce enough bass or rumbling sounds. Therefore, if you are a lover of bass-heavy movies or songs, I advise you purchase a soundbar with the LG 75UK6570AUA.

That said, now let us discuss the distortion performance of the LG 75UK6570AUA. To be honest, this television’s distortion performance is more like average.

To give more details, if the TV is at a moderate volume level, somewhere around 70% or less, distortion won’t be audible. However, at the maximum volume level, distortion seems to be very noticeable.

To prove this, I will now highlight the television’s result on a THD test. THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is a test that evaluates the amount of distortion that a sound device is capable of producing.

Moreover, on this test, if a sound device delivers a score of 1% or less, that means the device produces minimal distortion even at the maximum volume level. However, on this test, the LG 75UK6570AUA delivered a score of 1.148%.

Therefore, at the maximum volume level, the LG 75UK6570AUA will surely produce some amount of distortion. However, not everyone might hear the distortion and it also depends on the type of content you are watching on the TV.

Just in case you are wondering, distortion in this context is the deformation of audio frequencies. Thus, resulting in a speaker or sound system producing less appealing sound quality.

In conclusion, the LG 75UK6570AUA offers two outstanding speakers and impressive sound technology for sound enhancement. However, the television lacks bass due to the lack of a subwoofer.

Also, the TV’s speakers produce distortion at the maximum volume level. As a result, I will rate the LG 75UK6570AUA a seven out of ten in this sound review section.

75UK6570AUA: Ports and Connectivity Features

To start with, the LG 75UK6570AUA offers a good number of functional ports. Furthermore, some of the ports are located directly on the back of the TV while the others are on the left side.

Moreover, the ports directly on the TV’s back include two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and an RF port. Also, there is a composite AV port as well as digital optical audio out at the back of the TV.

The left side of the TV, however, features two more HDMI ports that both support ARC (Audio Return Channel). Thus, with either of the HDMI-ARC port, users can connect a soundbar or external speaker to the LG 75UK6570AUA.

That said, also on the left side of the television, there is another USB 2.0 port. When it comes to wireless connectivity, the LG 75UK6570AUA offers an in-built 802.11ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2.

Moving on, the LG 75UK6570AUA comes with a standard remote (AKB75375604). This standard remote control features a matte-black finish and it is made of plastic.

Moreover, due to the long stature of the remote, it houses plenty of rubber buttons. Some of the buttons include a full number pad, mute button, power button, and menu button.

Also, at the center of this remote control, you will find a plus-shaped navigation button. At the middle of this navigation button, there is an “OK” button.

Furthermore, at the top of the navigation button, there are two buttons dedicated to streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These buttons allow for quick access to these streaming apps.

As one would expect from an LG remote control, there is an “LG” logo finely placed at the bottom of the LG 75UK6570AUA’s remote. Sadly, despite having many buttons, this remote control lacks a built-in microphone for voice control.

Notwithstanding, the LG 75UK6570AUA supports the magic remote. Therefore, when you purchase the magic remote, which has a built-in mic, you will be able to use voice input for this television.

In conclusion, the LG 75UK6570AUA offers a lot of functional ports but comes with a standard remote that lacks an in-built mic. As a result, I will rate the LG 75UK6570AUA an eight out of ten in this ports and connectivity review section.

75UK6570AUA: Smart Features

Like most LG smart television, the LG 75UK6570AUA comes with WebOS. To give more details, the version of webOS that this television feature is version 4.1.

This version has a well-structured interface which makes it quite easy to navigate compared to its previous versions. In addition to its well-structured interface, the webOS 4.1 offers a bunch of major streaming services.

A few of the streaming services that you will find on this operating system include YouTube, Netflix, HULU, and Disney+. Moreover, thanks to the LG content store, you can download a whole lot more streaming services on the webOS 4.1.

That said, asides from the webOS 4.1, the LG 75UK6570AUA supports voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. However, as I already hinted in the last section, this TV comes with a standard remote that lacks an in-built mic for voice input.

Thus, as hinted earlier, to make use of these voice assistants, you have to purchase a magic remote. Alternatively, you can purchase an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker.

In conclusion, the LG 75UK6570AUA’s webOS offers a user-friendly interface coupled with many popular streaming apps like YouTube. Therefore, I will rate the LG 75UK6570AUA an eight out of ten in this review section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the LG 75UK6570AUA a smart TV?

Yes, it is. The LG 75UK6570AUA is a smart TV that comes with webOS as its operating system.

2. Is the LG 75UK6570AUA a 4K TV?

Sure, it is. The LG 75UK6570AUA offers a 75-inch LED display screen with a 4K resolution.

3. Does the LG 75UK6570AUA come with a magic remote?

Although the LG 75UK6570AUA supports a magic remote, it doesn’t come it. Instead, this television comes with a standard LG remote control.

If you need a magic remote, you’ve to purchase it separately – buy LG magic remote from Amazon.com.

4. How many HDMI ports does LG 75UK6570AUA have?

The LG 75UK6570AUA has four HDMI ports. Two of these HDMI ports support ARC (Audio Return Channel).

5. Does the LG 75UK6570AUA have Bluetooth?

Yes, it does. The LG 75UK6570AUA comes with Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity.


The LG 75UK6570AUA is a 75-inch television that offers an elegant design and decent performance. To give more details, this television comes with a sharp 4K display, low input lag, and an impressive response time.

Also, the LG 75UK6570AUA features plenty of functional ports and it also supports HDR. To add to that, the television comes with the webOS that offers plenty of popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video.

However, this television features a poor display contrast ratio and its speakers’ distortion performance isn’t particularly good. Notwithstanding, I believe the television’s strength supersede its flaws.

Therefore, if you need a 75-inch television, the LG 75UK6570AUA is worth considering.

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