50UK6090PUA Review: A 50-inch LG Television for Gaming!

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50UK6090PUA Review A 50-inch LG Television For Gaming!
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The LG 50UK6090PUA is a 50-inch smart television that supports HDR and has a brilliant OS. Furthermore, the TV has a low input lag, making it suitable for gaming. However, this television has a poor contrast ratio and lacks Bluetooth.



  • Low input lag
  • Good viewing angles
  • webOS
  • Decent amount of ports
  • 4K Active HDR


  • Average maximum brightness
  • Disappointing contrast ratio
  • Lacks Bluetooth

In this review article, I will analyze the LG 50UK6090PUA’s specifications in a detailed manner. Also, I will offer an in-depth analysis of the TV’s design, display features, and sound features.

Additionally, you will get to know everything about the TV’s ports and connectivity features as well as its smart features. Furthermore, I will offer the LG 50UK6090PUA a rating on a scale of one to ten at the end of every section of this review article.

These ratings will be based on my personal viewpoint as well as the television’s performance. Hence, to get the better out of this article, I urge you to read it all the way through.

My Initial Thoughts

50UK6090PUA Review My Initial Thoughts

Without any doubt, LG is one of the most popular brands in the 4K television market. The brand’s lineup of 4K televisions has to be one of the best in the world.

Hence, sometime in 2018, in order to expand its lineup of 4K televisions, LG introduced the 50UK6090PUA. The LG 50UK6090PUA is a 4K smart television that comes with a remarkably low input lag and decent picture quality.

Also, this LG television features a brilliant smart operating system and supports HDR. However, the LG 50UK6090PUA comes with quite a number of downsides, including some that can’t be easily overlooked.

Are you interested in knowing more about this television and its downsides? Well, you will have to continue reading.

50UK6090PUA Design, Dimension, and Weight Review

Design-wise, the LG 50UK6090PUA features a stylish and modern design, with slim bezels surrounding its display. To give more details, these bezels have a plastic build and feature a matte-black finish.

Also, for brand recognition, LG included its logo at the center of the bottom bezel. Although this logo is primarily for brand recognition, it also adds beauty to the front view of the television thanks to its sleek white finish.

Moving on, so as to place the LG 50UK6090PUA on a table or deck, it comes with a pair of V-shaped feet. Though these feet are entirely made of plastic material, they support the television well and prevent it from wobbling too much.

However, the positioning of the feet is a problem – they are positioned very close to the edges of the television. As a result, you will need a fairly large table or desk to place the TV on if not mounted on the wall.

Turning to the LG 50UK6090PUA’s back, you will come across a plain plastic panel that features a matte-black finish. Furthermore, this plastic back panel has 200 x 200 VESA mount holes for wall-mounting the television.

However, the television, as well as its back panel, is quite bulky. Hence, when mounted on the wall, the LG 50UK6090PUA will bulge out and look displeasing.

To make the situation worse, LG didn’t include any mechanism for cable management on the television’s back panel. Therefore, cables will be in disarray if not manually arranged.

In terms of dimension and weight, the LG 50UK6090PUA measures 1132.8 x 88.9 x 662.9 mm  (W x D x H) and weighs 10704.7 g. Comparatively, although the 50UK6090PUA weighs less than the Samsung UN50NU6900FXZA, it is significantly thicker.

Specifically, the Samsung UN50NU6900FXZA has a weight of 13600 g and measures 1125.2 x 60.9 x 650.2 mm (W x D x H).

In conclusion, the LG 50UK6090PUA features a decent design with slim bezels and two sturdy legs. However, this television is somewhat bulky and lacks a cable management system.

Therefore, I will offer the LG 50UK6090PUA a rating of eight out of ten in this design review section.

50UK6090PUA Display Features and Picture Quality Review

50UK6090PUA Display Features And Picture Quality Review

When it comes to the display, the LG 50UK6090PUA features a 50-inch LCD display with a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. As a 4K UHD display, this television’s display should be able to render colorful, realistic, and vivid images.

Moreover, the display should deliver a picture quality that is 4x sharper and clearer than the standard HD display. This is because 4K UHD resolution has four times the amount of pixels that can be found on an HD resolution.

In addition to its 4K UHD resolution, the LG 50UK6090PUA’s display features an IPS (In-plane Switching) panel. Thanks to this IPS panel, the display offers wide viewing angles.

Therefore, when watching the display off-center or from an extreme angle, pictures, and colors should remain intact without any loss in quality. Thus, the LG 50UK6090PUA can be deemed suitable for a large room setting.

However, IPS panel displays are known to have one major issue which is poor contrast ratio. Unfortunately, the LG 50UK6090PUA’s display isn’t an exception as it features a disappointing contrast ratio of 1,096:1.

Therefore, the display won’t be able to render deep/rich blacks. Basically, blacks on the display will tend to appear more like gray.

Consequently, the LG 50UK6090PUA isn’t particularly suitable for watching movies with lots of dark/shady scenes, such as The Batman. Also, the television might not be ideal for a dark room setting.

By the way, contrast ratio refers to the difference between the brightest luminance and the darkest shade a display can render. Furthermore, the higher the contrast ratio, the darker the blacks a display will be able to render.

Apart from the poor contrast ratio, the LG 50UK6090PUA’s display also offers a disappointing maximum brightness. To be more specific, the display offers a maximum brightness of 311 nits.

Due to this, the LG 50UK6090PUA isn’t ideal for usage in well-lit areas or outdoors. However, the display’s maximum brightness is enough for the television to perform well in moderately-lit rooms.

Moving on, the LG 50UK6090PUA supports an HDR (High Dynamic Range) format called 4K Active HDR. Due to this HDR format, the television’s display will deliver brighter, lifelike, and more realistic images when rendering HDR-compatible content.

For your information, HDR-compatible content, shows, and movies are usually found on popular streaming apps such as Netflix. Having said all that, let us now talk about the motion handling performance of the LG 50UK6090PUA’s display.

Starting off with the response time, this television’s display offers a fast response time of 15 milliseconds. Therefore, fast-motion content like race sports or action movies should be delightful to watch on the LG 50UK6090PUA.

This is due to the fact that there will be minimal blur trails when the television’s display renders such content. In case you are curious, response time is how fast a display’s pixels can switch from one color to another.

In addition to its fast response time, the LG 50UK6090PUA’s display comes with an impressively low input lag of 11.8 milliseconds. Briefly, input lag is the time a display takes to respond to signal input from external sources like a wireless gamepad.

Besides, the input lag is a vital aspect that determines a television’s gaming capabilities. Essentially, if the display has an input lag of 15 milliseconds or less, the television is good for gaming.

Evidently, the LG 50UK6090PUA’s display’s input lag is less than 15 milliseconds. As a result, the television is suitable for gaming and eligible to be called “a gamer’s television”.

Conclusively, the LG 50UK6090PUA offers a decent display performance. Specifically, the television’s display has wide viewing angles, supports HDR, and features a 4K UHD resolution.

Also, the display has a low input lag, making the television suitable for gaming. However, this display disappoints in some major areas as it offers a poor contrast ratio and a disappointing maximum brightness.

Thus, I will offer the LG 50UK6090PUA a rating of seven out of ten in this display review section.

50UK6090PUA Sound Features Review

For sound production, the LG 50UK6090PUA comes with a pair of 10-watt speakers. Even though these speakers are not loud enough to fill a large room, they produce excellent sound quality.

In fact, dialogue produced by the speakers is very clear, understandable, and audible. Just in case you aren’t aware, dialogue is the conversation between two or more people in a movie or TV show.

Sadly, movies with plenty of basses or rumbling and thumping sounds might not be enjoyable on the LG 50UK6090PUA. This is because the television lacks a built-in subwoofer for adequate bass production.

Hence, to get an ideal bass production, I suggest you purchase a soundbar. Although it might cost a little more, purchasing a soundbar will make the thrilling effects of bass-heavy movies more enjoyable.

Moving on, LG equipped the 50UK6090PUA with a sound technology called Ultra Surround Sound. Using an advanced algorithm, this sound technology help in enhancing the loudness and surround sound production of a sound system.

Thus, thanks to this sound technology, the LG 50UK6090PUA’s speakers are able to produce a cinematic and immersive sound quality. Also, due to Ultra Surround Sound, the television’s speakers produce minimal distortion.

As a matter of fact, even when the television is set to the max volume level, distortion will still be minimal. Just to be clear, distortion in this context refers to the deformation of a sound system’s audio frequencies.

Thereby, making the sound system produce less appealing sound quality and unwanted noises.

All things considered, I will offer the LG 50UK6090PUA a rating of eight out of ten in this sound features review section.

50UK6090PUA Ports and Connectivity Features Review

50UK6090PUA Ports And Connectivity Features Review

In terms of ports, the LG 50UK6090PUA is exceptional. Specifically, the television comes with a good number of functional and reasonable ports.

To give more details, some of the ports are left-facing, while the rest are directly on the television’s back. Hence, when wall-mounted, the ports that are directly on the TV’s back might not be as easy to access.

Without any further delay, let us get familiar with the various kinds of ports that the LG 50UK6090PUA has to offer. Starting with the television’s left-facing ports, they include a USB port and two HDMI ports.

Impressively, these HDMI ports support ARC (Audio Return Channel). Thus, with either HDMI port, users will be able to easily connect a soundbar to the LG 50UK6090PUA.

Unlike the left-facing ports that are just three, the ports directly on the television’s back are more in number. These ports include another HDMI port, an RF connector, a composite video input, and a digital optical out.

Also found on the back of the television are a USB port and an Ethernet port. Meanwhile, when it comes to wireless connectivity, the LG 50UK6090PUA features an in-built 802.11 ac WiFi.

Sadly, the television does not have Bluetooth.

That said, the LG 50UK6090PUA comes with a standard AKB75375604 remote control. In terms of design, this remote has a plastic body that features a matte-black finish.

Also, it is quite long in size and features a reasonable amount of rubber buttons. Some of these buttons include two dedicated buttons for quick access to Netflix and Prime Video.

Additionally, the remote offers a plus-shaped navigation button, a horizontal volume rocker, and a horizontal channel rocker. That’s not all; due to its long stature, there was enough space for the LG 50UK6090PUA’s remote to include a full number pad.

However, this remote does not support voice input as it lacks an in-built microphone. Nevertheless, you will find a white “LG” logo at the bottom of the remote which serves as a means of brand recognition.

In conclusion, although the LG 50UK6090PUA features a good number of ports, it lacks Bluetooth. Also, its remote control doesn’t support voice input, and most of its ports cannot be easily accessed when it is wall-mounted.

Thus, I will offer the LG 50UK6090PUA a rating of seven out of ten in this ports and connectivity features review section.

50UK6090PUA Smart Features Review

Like most LG smart televisions, the LG 50UK6090PUA is equipped with the webOS as its operating system. As most LG lovers/fans know, this operating system has a smooth, user-friendly, and lag-free interface.

Hence, navigating and selecting applications or items on the operating system should be seamless and problem-free. Speaking of applications, the webOS comes with several pre-installed streaming apps.

A few of these streaming apps include HBO, Hulu, Sling TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. However, most of these streaming apps are not free – you have to pay a specific amount every month to have access to them.

Before you get disappointed, you need to know that webOS also offers quite a number of free streaming apps. Some of these free streaming apps include Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle, and so on.

Besides, the OS features Channel Plus TV, a streaming platform that gives users access to over 180,000 free TV shows and movies. That aside, the webOS comes with a built-in apps store called the LG Content Store.

This apps store allows users to download additional streaming apps, either paid or free, to the webOS. Impressively, the webOS also features a built-in web browser.

As a result, users will be able to freely surf the web using the LG 50UK6090PUA.

To wrap up this smart features review section, I will rate the LG 50UK6090PUA a nine out of ten.

Frequently Asked Questions

50UK6090PUA Review Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Year Was The LG 50UK6090PUA Released?

The LG 50UK6090PUA was released in 2018.

2. What Is The Weight Of The LG 50UK6090PUA?

The LG 50UK6090PUA weighs 10704.7 g

3. Does The LG 50UK6090PUA Have Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, the LG 50UK6090PUA doesn’t come with Bluetooth.

4. Is The LG 50UK6090PUA A Smart TV?

Yes, it is. The LG 50UK6090PUA is a smart television that runs on webOS.

This operating system gives it access to lots of major streaming services, either paid or free.

5. How Many USB Ports Does The LG 50UK6090PUA Have?

The LG 50UK6090PUA features two USB ports.

My Final Thoughts

The LG 50UK6090PUA is a smart television that offers decent picture quality alongside adequate sound performance and quality. Furthermore, this television is suitable for gaming because its display offers a low input lag.

That’s not all; the television features an excellent operating system that comes with a built-in browser and lots of streaming apps. Also, for an enhanced picture quality and improved viewing experience, the television supports an HDR format called 4K Active HDR.

However, the LG 50UK6090PUA comes with some flaws that cannot be easily overlooked. These flaws include a poor contrast ratio, average maximum brightness, lack of Bluetooth, and bulkiness.

Regardless, the television offers decent overall performance for an ideal viewing experience as well as gaming. Hence, if you are looking to buy a 50-inch 4K smart television, you might want to consider the LG 50UK6090PUA.

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