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LG V40 Review Summary

With a 6.4″ OLED, QHD+ resolution display, you will bag yourself a super smartphone. That is not all. This feature-packed phone also offers 6 GB RAM, and 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage - more than enough to save a lot of photos. But if you are storage-hungry, LG V40 can take a microSD card up to 2 TB. Finally, it offers 3 rear cameras and 2 selfie cameras.

Display Features
Camera Features
Battery Performance
Storage Options
  • 1. 3 rear and 2 selfie cameras
  • 2. Excellent storage options
  • 3. Powerful display resolution
  • 4. Great battery performance
  • 5. Dual SIM and Fingerprint unlock
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This Itechguide is a detailed LG V40 review. The phone is rated in the following categories – Display, Camera, Battery, and Storage options.

LG V40 Display Features Review

LG V40 review - Display Features
image courtesy of Amazon.com

Coming first in my LG V40 review is an evaluation of the phone’s display features. The display quality of a phone is an important performance feature users must consider while making a buying decision.

To help you evaluate the quality of LG V40’s display, I will offer some information about the phone’s display technology and its resolution. This high-end LG smartphone is designed with an OLED display. Apart from its super crystal clear image and video display, OLEDs are known to save battery as well.

To add to its display benefit, this LG phone offers QHD+ (3120 x 1440 pixels) resolution. This is a top-notch resolution better than 2K. Although QHD+ is slightly lower than 4K, it is close enough.

The end result is that LG V40 offers a near-perfect display, bagging it 4.25 out of 5 in our phone display rating.

LG V40 Camera Features Review

image from Amazon.com

The next important feature of my LG V40 review is its camera. Before you buy a phone, you need to evaluate the features of the cameras.

The good news is that LG V40 comes loaded with more cameras than you would ever need in a smartphone. It comes with 3 rear cameras and 2 selfie (front) cameras! The rear cameras are rated 12 MP telephoto/16 MP super wide-angle/12 MP standard with ƒ/2.4 (telephoto)/ƒ/1.9 (super wide-angle)/ƒ/1.5 (standard) apertures respectively.

If the rear cameras are not mouth-watering enough, LG throws in 5 MP wide/8 MP standard, ƒ/2.2 (wide)/ƒ/1.9 (standard) aperture selfie cameras.

This camera combination is absolute madness, 5 cameras in 1 phone? I am this excited because I have reviewed a lot of smartphones but none comes close to this LG monster of a phone. To show you how good the cameras are, the phone is rated 5 out of 5 in our phone camera rating.

LG V40 Battery Performance Review

LG V40 Battery Performance Review

Coming 3rd in my LG V40 review is its battery performance. The quality of a phone’s battery is arguably the most important factor considered by most users. As we demand more and more from our smartphones, the need for stronger batteries increases.

Excitingly, LG V40 has a lot to offer in the battery department. It comes with a 3,300 mAh *non-removable that offers wireless and fast charging. You couldn’t ask for a better battery! But that is not all. According to a battery test carried out by GSMArena.com, this phone boasts of 21 hours 41 minutes of 3G talk time.

So, not only does this phone offer excellent display and camera, but it also offers excellent batteries. For its battery, we rate LG V40 4.6 out of 5.

We consider a phone with removable an advantage because if the battery stops working you can easily replace it.

LG V40 Storage Options Review

Finally, in my LG V40 review, is a detailed evaluation of its storage options. Like the display, camera, and battery, a phone’s storage contributes to its performance.

Firstly, the internal memory (RAM) determines how fast a phone gets things done. LG V40 comes with 6 GB internal memory. This is the biggest internal memory I have seen in my recent phone reviews. If that is not mind-blowing enough, it also offers 2 internal storage options – 64 GB or 128 GB.

There is one more storage boom from this excellent LG phone – it offers up to 2 TB storage expansion with its microSD card slot.

Based on its storage offerings, we rated LG V40 4.5 out of 5 in our phone storage rating.

The microSD card memory does not come with the phone. You have to buy it separately.

LG V40 Full Specifications & Deals

This section offers the full product specification for LG V40 and latest available deals.


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