How to Use Itechguides’ Laptop Comparison Tool has a dedicated laptop comparison tool.

Here are the steps to use this tool to compare hundreds of laptops, read laptop specs, and set price drop alerts:

  1. Open Itechguides’s Laptop Comparison page (link opens in a new browser tab)
  2. On the top left of the laptop comparison page, click the Add more items button. A search form will be displayed.
Laptop Comparison
  1. Then, on the displayed search form, start typing the name of the first laptop you want to add to the laptop comparison table.
Laptop Comparison
When you start typing the name of the laptop, our laptop comparison tool will display results. In this example, I am looking to add a Dell laptop to the comparison table.
  1. Furthermore, to add a laptop from the search results, click on the image.
When you click the image on the left of the name of a laptop, wait for it to display a green tick. Once this happens, it is a confirmation that the laptop has been added to the comparison table – see the second image below.
Before you can compare laptops with Itechguides’ laptop comparison tool, you need to add at least 2 laptops to the laptop comparison table.
To add more laptops from the search results to the comparison table, click the image beside each laptop you want to add. Alternatively, you could search for other laptops to add.
  1. After adding all laptops you want to compare, scroll down, and click the Add to Compare button. The comparison table will be displayed.
  1. To compare the specs of the laptops side by side, scroll down.
Alternatively, you may want to view only the differences in the specs of the laptops.
  1. To view only the differences, on the top left of the comparison table, check the Show only differences checkbox.
The table will now grey out all similar specs and display only differences. This is a very useful tool to help you determine the actual difference between the laptops.
Laptop Comparison
  1. Finally, when you have decided which of the compared laptops meet your need, to view all available deals for that laptop, scroll up and click SEE DETAILS.
The laptop’s specifications and deals page will open.
Laptop Comparison
  1. When the laptop’s page open, you can buy for the best price. Moreover, you can see other deals.
The laptop’s page offers some other exciting options. For example, on the top right of the available deals, you can click Set Lowest Price Alerts. The price drop alert is a powerful tool that allows you to set a price you wish to pay. If the price of the laptop drops to your desired price, we will send you an email!

I hope you found Itechguides’ laptop comparison tool helpful?

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