Guest Post Guidelines for now accepts guest posts and sponsored posts. This article specifies our guest post guidelines.

It also covers the difference between a guest post and a sponsored post.

If you wish to write for, read this article carefully.

Difference Between Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts

Before we dive into our guest post guidelines, let’s different both of them. This is purely based on how we treat guest posts and sponsored posts.

In, a guest post is a post written and submitted by a guest author. It is a free post – meaning that the author does not charge us to write the posts and we do not charge the author to publish the post on

On the contrary, charges for sponsored posts. Another difference between our guest and sponsored post is that we can write and optimize a sponsored post.

Why do we offer to write a sponsored post?

The first reason we offer to write sponsored posts is that we charge for it. Secondly, by writing the sponsored post we can optimize the post based on our writing skills and experiences to give the sponsored post the best opportunity to attract traffic.

Another important difference between our guest post and a sponsored post is that our guest posts can have dofollow links while sponsored posts can only have nofollow links. Why?

The reason for this is that adding dofollow links in paid posts breaks Google’s and Bing’s guidelines. The moment money exchanges hands, adding dofollow links amounts to link buying – which is against search engine guidelines.

I am sure you are wondering why pay for a sponsored post if I can submit it for free as a guest post? One reason to pay for it is that we write the post for you.

Our Guest Post Guidelines

When you are writing a guest post for, follow these guides…

  1. All guest posts published on must pass our plagiarism check. When you submit a guest post for review, we first run it on our plagiarism tool. If we detect more than 5% plagiarism, the article will be rejected.
  2. Another important guest post guideline is to keep the sentences short. All sentences must be kept at under 20 words.
  3. Additionally, each paragraph MUST not exceed 2 sentences. You can make a paragraph 1 sentence or 2 sentences but NOT more than 2 sentences. If your article has any paragraph with more than 2 sentences, it will be rejected.
  4. Make your content more readable with transition words. For example, use “However”, “Moreover”, “Additionally”, etc.
  5. Another important guest post guideline is to organize your article into sections with headers – h2, h3, etc
  6. Additionally, as much as possible, keep each section under 300 words
  7. Use active instead of passive sentences.
  8. Your article must target at least one keyword – evenly distributed on the article to pass Yoast in-content SEO.
  9. Keep your introduction under 3 paragraphs.
  10. Finally, the minimum number of words we accept is 700 words.

Categories On Our Top List

Part of our guest post guidelines is that you need to send us a list of topics/keywords. However, to increase the chances of your post being accepted, we recommend that you focus on the following categories:

  1. Android/iPhone/iOS how-to guides – if you know Android and/or IOS and can write simple, easy-to-understand how-to guides, we are keen to see your guest post proposal. Guides may include how to fix problems or steps to configure something…
  2. Disk and Storage technologies explained – we are keen for guests posts that explain disks and storage technologies
  3. Chrome OS how-to guides – if you know Chrome OS and can write how-to guides on this fast-growing Google OS, we will be very happy to hear from you
  4. Linux how-to guides – know your way around the Linux shell? Can you translate this skill into easy-to-understand guides? If you answer yes to these two questions, we are very happy to hear from you.
Although we accept posts from other categories, to increase the chances of your guest post making it through our numerous requests, we strongly recommend that you send us guest post requests in these categories.

What You Need To Send To Us

The information you need to send to us depends on whether you are requesting approval for a guest or a sponsored post.

What To Send To Us for Guest Posts

Before you send us any guest post proposal, first search and confirm that the article does not exist on our site already.

Once you have confirmed that the article has not been published on, send us the following information – via our Contact Us page.

  1. Your proposed topics and accompanying keywords
  2. How many articles you wish to submit
  3. Full name, website, and email address of the author
  4. A short bio of the author

What To Send To Us for Sponsored Posts

For sponsored posts, send us your budget, the product you want to promote, and how many sponsored posts you need.

How to Upload A Profile Picture on Gravater

Part our guest post guideline is that all guest authors must have a profile picture. When we approve you as a guest author, we will create an Author account for you.

If you skip this step and send an article for approval and publishing, your article will NOT go live until your author profile picture is active.

Once an account is created for you, follow the steps below to upload a profile picture on Gravater:

  1. Log in to – with the user name and password we sent to you
  2. Then, on the left pane of the WordPress backend, click Profile.
Guest Post Guidelines for Itechguides - How to Upload A Profile Picture on Gravater
  1. When your profile opens, scroll down to About Yourself.
  2. Then, beneath Profile Picture, click You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.
  1. When Gravater page opens, click Create your own Gravatar.
Guest Post Guidelines for Itechguides - How to Upload A Profile Picture on Gravater
  1. Enter all the details required to create a account. Then, click Create your account.
  1. will require you to allow Gravater to access your account, click Approve.
Ensure you use your login email address. If you log in to Gravatar with a different email address, your Gravatar image will NOT display on your author profile page.
Guest Post Guidelines for Itechguides - How to Upload A Profile Picture on Gravater
  1. You will be redirected to your Gravatar profile. To add a new profile picture, click Add one by clicking here.
Guest Post Guidelines for Itechguides - How to Upload A Profile Picture on Gravater
  1. When the Upload image page opens, click Upload new.
  1. Click Browse then, navigate to the folder you saved the photo you want to use and select it.
Guest Post Guidelines for Itechguides - How to Upload A Profile Picture on Gravater
  1. Once the image is selected, click Next.
  1. When the image is uploaded, use the cropping tool to reposition the image
  1. When you finish resizing the image, scroll down and click Crop Image.
  1. On the ratings page, accept the default and click Set Rating.
  1. Finally, check the box beside the email address you use to login to and click Use for selected addresses.
  1. Return to your WP user profile and refresh, the picture on your Gravater will be displayed.
Your Gravatar image may take up to 24 hours to update on your profile.

Screenshot Capturing Guideline

Our guest posting writing guideline has very specific requirements about how to capture screenshots that will be accepted and approved.

To see how we capture screenshots, watch these videos.

Note that the videos were initially made as part of a video series. So, there are some things in the video that may not apply to a general audience.

There are two videos, watch them in order.

Note that unless you are writing how-to guide, you may not need to capture screenshots.

How To Prepare Your Guest Post

Earlier in this’s guest post guidelines, I listed specific guidelines for our guest articles.

In this short section, I want to show you how to add your keyword, add the post slug and ensure your article passes Yoast in-content SEO before sending it for review.

When you open a new post, scroll down to the bottom (Yoast SEO Premium). Then, on the Focus keyphrase field, enter the target keyword for the post.

Do this before you start writing – this way, Yoast will guide you as you write.

Next, scroll down further – still on the Yoast SEO Premium section – on the Slug field, enter the same target keyword.

Enter an SEO description. The SEO description MUST include the target keyword once. Also, make sure that Yoast marks SEO description box green.

Finally, before you submit the guest post for review, check that the Yoast SEO and Readability tabs are green.

From our experience, if you apply our guest post guidelines – specified earlier in this article – and the following, while writing your article – the two Yoast tabs stays green:

  1. Make sure that you add the target keyword to the first sentence of the introduction. However, if you cannot find a way to do that, ensure the target keyword appears in the second paragraph
  2. Add the target keyword on the Yoast SEO title and SEO description fields. Specifically, for the SEO title, if it makes sense, add the target keyword at the beginning
  3. Also, add the target keyword in every section of the article – at least once. As far as you keep each section under 300 words, this generally balances the keyword density across the article.

How To Submit Your Guest Post For Review

Finally, here is the final part of’s guest post guideline. Our guest author do not have the permission to publish posts. Additionally, authors cannot upload images.

When you finish writing your post, on the top right of the post, click Publish.

Then, click Submit for Review.

Victor Ashiedu

Victor Ashiedu

Victor Ashiedu is the Managing Editor of Before he started, he worked in IT for close to 20 years. Having done all things tech all his career, he now focuses on making tech easier for others. Victor writes "How to" guides, "Fix it" guides, reviews and buying guides.

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