About Me

I started off my IT career in July 2001 supporting Windows NT, 98 and Windows 2000 desktops. Since then I have moved on to gain skills in designing, deploying and maintaining Windows Server 2003 – 2012 R2 Technologies.

This site is dedicated to everything Windows PowerShell – if you want to learn PowerShell you are in the right place. I make learning PowerShell very easy.

If you are new to Windows PowerShell, I strongly recommend you start by learning PowerShell Commands.

Hire Me

I am available to take PowerShell automation projects/tasks. If you have a challenging task that consumes your time or your team spends a lot of time preforming the Windows task manually, a PowerShell script may be able to automate the task and save you and your team a lot of time.

To engage me, I require a USD $1,000 consultation fee paid before I can review your project/task. If you hire me, I will refund the consultation fee (by including it in your project cost).

Note that the minimum I charge for any PowerShell scripting/automation project/task is USD $5,000. If your automation project is not challenging enough to worth this minimum spend, please do not contact me.

If you require my services email me on Victor.Ashiedu@itechguides.com. Alternatively, you could send me an email via the Contact Me form.