Current book on sale

 I published my first book Hands-on study guide for exam 70-411 August 2014. This is a MUST read for every Windows Systems Administrator. What else can I say? But seriously, I wrote this book for Systems Administrators that wish to prepare for exam 70-411, but it is beyond an exam prep material. It is a very handy reference material for Windows Systems administrators. Find out more in the My Books page.

My next book on PowerShell

I have just completed chapter one of my next book. It is a 6 chapter book, containing five sections in each chapter. My aim is to take the reader’s PowerShell knowledge from zero to pro in 30 days. To follow book progress and get involved with book review, visit My Books Page for more information.

Windows System Administrator?

If you are struggling with a PowerShell script, I am more than happy to help absolutely free! I receive requests from loads of fellow Systems administrators. I enjoy scripting and I’ll love to hear from you. Drop me a note via the Contact Me page.

For Windows Infrastructure Managers

I automate Windows tasks using PowerShell . I build functions and scripts that can automate your repetitive windows tasks. If you have tasks you wish to automate, I can build you custom PowerShell scripts and functions that will save your team loads of time and increase productivity. Check out my scripts contribution to Microsoft script gallery. Why not Contact Me to with details of your project.

Affordable Websites for Small Businesses!

I build professional and affordable websites for small businesses. Get your business online and attract customers you could never dream of reaching otherwise! Sell online and boost your income. Drop me a line via the Contact Me page.

Websites for professionals

If you are a contractor that wish to have a simple website to showcase your skills but don’t have a clue how to progress, you have come to the end of your search! What about an individual with a 9-5 job but runs a small business on the side for a second or third stream of income. Great idea, but you might be missing a lot of customers that could have reached you online. Whatever you do, if you want to get a web presence and need help, Contact Me now. I will get you up and running sooner than you can imagine!