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Why PowerShell Tutorial?

PowerShell Tutorial Book Series provides a simplified, hands-on approach to learning Windows PowerShell.

“PowerShell Tutorial” focuses on teaching you PowerShell so that you start scrioting as soon as possible. It based entirely on a hands-on approach. Each volume (4 volumes in all) is broken down into 7 Chapters, called Tutorials.

PowerShell Tutorial Book Outline

PowerShell Tutorial is a 4-part book series. Each book has 7 tutorials. Each tutorial is designed to be independent of the other and builds the reader’s knowledge of PowerShell. Each tutorial builds PowerShell skills such that the next tutorial adds to the previous one.

PowerShell Tutorial Volume 1 of 4

Below is a summary of the topics covered in PowerShell Tutorial Volume 1 of 4

PowerShell Tutorial 1 of 7: Introduction to PowerShell and cmdlets

The first tutorial introduces the reader to PowerShell and PowerShell cmdlets (Pronounced “Command-Lets”). It teaches the reader how to find PowerShell cmdlets using the Get-Command cmdlet.

This tutorial also covers the Windows PowerShell Core About Topics. The Windows PowerShell Core About Topics cover different PowerShell cmdlets and are very useful to anybody that wish to script in PowerShell. The reader is given a full guide how to utilise these resources.

PowerShell Tutorial 2 of 7: Getting help with the Get-Help cmdlet

Once the reader becomes comfortable with finding cmdlets, the next thing will be to find out how to use the cmdlet. The second tutorial introduces the reader to one of the most powerful cmdlets (the Get-Help cmdlet).

Tutorial 2 of 7 introduces the reader to the Get-Help cmdlet. Topics like “Get-Help Common Parameters”, “Understanding a Command’s Syntax”, are covered in this tutorial .

PowerShell Tutorial 3 of 7: Variables and Pipelines

The third tutorial brings a new dimension to the reader’s knowledge of PowerShell! It introduces variables and pipelines. It then discusses types of variables and demonstrates how to use them. The 3rd tutorial concluded with PowerSHell pipelines

PowerShell Tutorial 4 of 10: Introduction to Scripts and Functions

Tutorial 4 of 7 introduces scripts and functions. At this stage of the tutorial, the reader is introduced to scripting and taught how to combine cmdlets to create scripts. The tutorial also covers different PowerShell file extensions and teaches the difference between a script and a function.

Tutorial four concludes by teaching the reader how to install scripts and functions including default locations to store personal custom scripts to load them automatically.

PowerShell Tutorial 5 of 7: Commenting and Breaking scripts

Now that the book has introduced the reader scripting, tutorial 5 of 7 will be kin to show the reader how to organise scripts. This tutorial teaches the reader how to add comments to scripts. It will demonstrate how to add simple as well as multiple comments.

Tutorial five concludes by introducing the reader to script breaking, returns and continuations including how to build “Comment Based Help”.

PowerShell Tutorial 6 of 7: PowerShell Operators.

Tutorial 6 of 7 teaches PowerShell Operators. Comparison, Arithmetic and Logical, Split and Join and Special operators are covered in this tutorial with detailed examples.

PowerShell Tutorial 7 of 7: Introduction to Object Properties.

By the time the reader gets to tutorial 7 of 7, she or he would have started scripting! Tutorial 7 introduces the reader to object properties and teaches the reader how to get detailed information about PowerShell objects.

This tutorial covers the use of the Get-Member cmdlet to find object properties. It will also teach the reader different ways to access an objects property. This knowledge will enhance the reader’s ability to manipulate any object! Tutorial 7 concludes by teaching the reader the difference between Properties and Methods.

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PowerShell Tutorial Volume 2 of 4

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PowerShell Tutorial Volume 3 of 4

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